copout post; some quotes from the height of my mental illness

“my covid mask blocks out nigger dna”

“fucking a black guy a million times will make you black”

“the instinct that makes us want to clean penguins in oil spills is the same instinct that makes us want to forgive people that have done wrong (fucking niggers/premarital-sex)”

“colloquial imprecise lexemes like language are so flawed -- language supports liberal arguments because it ignores the more impressionistic aspects of our universe (which is most of it)”

“you arguments rely on disparate, irreconcilable verbiage which is, frankly, beneath you”

“what's wrong with that? "um it isn't based in reality" -- no it isn't based in english. if we meet some aliens or some 5th dimensional non-Machine Elves, they'd agree”

“you are fucking soulless and im thoth”

“if i could print out a list of all of the things you believe -- there would be more israeli fingerprints on it than hollywood”

“you are a fucking thalmor from skyrim and im a nord and this chat is full of imperial soyboys”

“segregation is good”

“imma ‘fuck israel and the jews and wipe them off the face of the earth’ kinda guy”

“i have 0% jew blood and 0% nigger blood”

“also jews get these positions by being rats that know the secrets of the universe, not by being smart”

“Two words: reeeee tard”

“Rapist are the helpers of cosmic justice, they only rape those who deserve it. They are the hero we deserve, but not the one we need right now. They are the protectors of loaded consent laws. Rapists will never rape monogamist or married people because that would be real rape, and rapists are not actually rapists because it is merely the condemnation of the fallen world that labels them as such.”

“ugly fucking bitch; wrap this slut in a towel”

“I'm sorry that I come from a lineage embraced by God”