Oh the irony of giving a “gonna drop offline” post and immediately finding something to talk about. Once upon a time, I had an extra steam account and added it to a number of ANTIFA and similarly aligned communist steam groups. Didn’t have any real goals, just thought it would be funny. Regardless, I stumbled upon the old, now defunct, account and decided to browse some of these groups — and fellas, we found a gold mine. When I spoke about “the spark” in my previous post, it could easily be misconstrued as the kind of ‘Boomer on the internet’ lack of self-awareness that leads them to making the same confusing, meta-ironic, early-2000s format memes. This… this is not that. This man is an absolute legend, and he has my magic. Debating in all of these comment sections — reposting the same copypastas with situationally altered diction, was one man; LeftismIsASatanicRot! He certainly made my day, and I compiled a few of his ‘best hits’ from what I could find. Currently trying to make contact but for the time being, enjoy LIASR’s wonderful verbiage and unabashed tenacity.