“Why are you so full of hate? Your ideas are fanatical and evil.” I don’t know how you aren’t. Every little thing in today’s backwardass world inspires pure, visceral hatred – pregnant women can be Command Sergeant Majors and lead troop movements, we have a troon four-star admiral Assistant Fucking Secretary for Health, Sleepy Joe shitting his pants at the Vatican. Point being, degeneracy is to be expected from any industrialized society with urban culture, but it is on another level when your government is perpetuating it as well. And you wonder why I hate – why I would romanticize ANYTHING other than the world we live in now? Objectivism doesn’t solve the problem – individuals do, someone that truly embodies great man theory. We live in a world full of rats and snakes, men that deracinate us, why not let God choose our leader? Dreaming of a time of Kaisers and Tsar, when it meant something to be “God’s Country” — a “Holy Empire”. One strong man willing to help the people, whether they realized it or not – wanted it or not. Only an individual could take a lone stand against blatant hypocrisy. People egged on Romney for wanting the president to have sv cheats 1 /kill power and in our current bureaucratic mess, I understand the fear. But I envision a world where the bad people disappeared, where all the evil creeps of the night faded from our minds. There would be outrage and chaos, but anything is better than this shit – we live guided by a smorgasbord of greed, torture, slavery, depravity, violence, death, mutilation and tyranny. It seems impossible, but I’d rather put my faith and God and a sole man then any of Satan’s board of directors.

Degeneracy is born from passionate men without passion. Every man has love and will in his life, but without guidance it WILL go awry (idk if spelt right; drumk). He, who is Sodom’s child, is born without identity. He knows not what he is – nor his father or father’s father. He knows only what he has been taught. It is all Zionist education in a Zionist state ruled by Zionists full of Zionist media, propaganda, artists, and crisis actors. They don’t know their birth land. They don’t know who Mother is. They live lives as complete individuals, secluded from their paternal autocrat. Their minds, fueled by objectivism and atheism, only see matter. “I never believed in Santa Claus, much as I never believed in God”. Was this a ruse too (like really fucking drumk)? Did the Zionist, the Satanists – whomever are the Cabal of the Inverted Tree of Life, breed this falsehood into life to kill our faith? I am not one to say. Our differences, quirks, oddities, and cultural individualism are birthed from the land. The land is our home; it is where we build families and communities. Our Gods rule over the lands – are defined by the lands. Our food is grown from the lands and fed off the lands. It is a beautiful circle and a positive feedback loop. We are made authentic by the land – our land. Traditional life, traditional people and traditionalism are all the apparent product of this. We are rooted into the soil, for it is where we come when we are born and return when we die. Those without homes are parasites. They tear out our roots – deracinate us. All man’s genius is derived from God, and God gives it to us through the land, the sun, and sea. Being’s ability to know one’s self is in the reflection of an overgrowth, the sparkling eyes of their family’s authenticity, in every shadow cascaded by the black sun. The Jew is detached, distant from any authenticity and sovereignty. They have no soil – instead, they are nomads. The Israelis have soil. They have established their secular society, and are happy. No, the enemy is the real Jew. The real Jew is a wanderer. He can’t hammer a nail or plow a field. All he knows is the fake labor of market manipulation and usury. He sucks the life of the people and sells them a cosmopolitan culture of degeneracy and savagery. Look at all of the “greatest” Jewish minds of the last millennium. Marx, Freud, Einstein – what have they given us? Communism, infantile sexual deviancy, and the atom bomb. Just in the last one hundred years, everything that was once known to be order, right, moral, etc; it is all gone. The greatest trick was getting people to never notice or better yet, to never know anything was any different. The role of the parent and family have been washed away and replaced by the opportunist. We are now in an age of total class warfare, irrational depraved urges, relativity – a world where now the very existence of matter is in question. Why? Because it is the very nature of the Jew to pull at the very fabric of life until there is nothing left but a thread. [The Jew, much like his friend Lucifer, is more than Satan, he is a “fellow-feeling.” It’s a parent/child relationship and he feels for people – in the same way they can understand, believe, and even feel for themselves. This is his “supernatural” talent.] FREEDOM OF SPEECH. How do you feel about that, you may ask? Not really sure how I feel about it. Actually, what I am “not” sure about is whether it’s worthwhile to discuss this and go down this rabbit hole. This guy sounds like some “unspeakable” war criminal living in an exclusive zip code (Super ZIP, read more charles murray). Who knows, maybe it’s some no good dickwagon that’s trying to capitalize on the fear-mongering brought on by our Boston Bombings, Oklahoma Cities and Agrarian King Kaczynski's. I don’t know, but I don’t plan on finding out the answers to these questions. Either way, Free speech is crap. “Rawr!” I really don’t know what it means, but it is quite catchy. "We can’t return to normal, because normal was the crisis." What a load of crap?!

Society, the world, the way we conduct ourselves – these things take rules. But do we bend to those around us or do they bend to us? Well that is a matter of power and position. Naturally, we will choose to join the winning team or play the underdog. The major difference between progressivism and traditionalism is answering this question. Liberalism and progressivism preaches inclusivity. I remember distinctly and precisely the first time I meet a nonbinary. Upon “misgendering” this obvious male, I was corrected. I felt bad, a pain in my stomach. I was a non-confrontational type. In the same way one may try to make their waiter’s life and job easier by choosing something simple to order or not correcting their mistakes, I would never go out of my way to misgender someone. This has nothing to do with philosophy, only pure convenience. “Okay, okay. You identify as a they/them? Whatever.” Liberalism is about abridging yourself for the convenience of others. Soon, if I followed that mindset, I’d find myself backstepping and apologizing for saying something anti-pedophile. Traditionalism is the art of etiquette. There are defined and definitive rules to conducting one’s self. The two don’t sound so different, but they have their nuances. One’s rules are concrete; the other’s are malleable. Conservatism is about abridging yourself as to follow what is normal – because normal does exist. The non-confrontational type finds himself in a strange middle ground. They would never pressure someone into acting a certain way, while allowing it to happen to themselves. They would either stay cis or bend and fold when misgendered. Is there an objective right answer? Probably not, but the house built on the rock will stand longer than the one built on the sand. There are lots of ways for a society to evolve, but the constant push for cultural and ethical amendments makes the slippery slope evermore substantial. Another way their mindset differs is how we deal with our excess. Do we care for our own first, or the less fortunate? This often gets galvanized into an argument for interventionism. For me it comes down to darwinism. Let the brown people starve. Rhodesia will not be the final resting place of the Aryan man. You can’t force people to be civilized – sophisticated. We can’t force them to evolve, because they are still monkeys throwing shit.

copout post; some quotes from the height of my mental illness

“my covid mask blocks out nigger dna”

“fucking a black guy a million times will make you black”

“the instinct that makes us want to clean penguins in oil spills is the same instinct that makes us want to forgive people that have done wrong (fucking niggers/premarital-sex)”

“colloquial imprecise lexemes like language are so flawed -- language supports liberal arguments because it ignores the more impressionistic aspects of our universe (which is most of it)”

“you arguments rely on disparate, irreconcilable verbiage which is, frankly, beneath you”

“what's wrong with that? "um it isn't based in reality" -- no it isn't based in english. if we meet some aliens or some 5th dimensional non-Machine Elves, they'd agree”

“you are fucking soulless and im thoth”

“if i could print out a list of all of the things you believe -- there would be more israeli fingerprints on it than hollywood”

“you are a fucking thalmor from skyrim and im a nord and this chat is full of imperial soyboys”

“segregation is good”

“imma ‘fuck israel and the jews and wipe them off the face of the earth’ kinda guy”

“i have 0% jew blood and 0% nigger blood”

“also jews get these positions by being rats that know the secrets of the universe, not by being smart”

“Two words: reeeee tard”

“Rapist are the helpers of cosmic justice, they only rape those who deserve it. They are the hero we deserve, but not the one we need right now. They are the protectors of loaded consent laws. Rapists will never rape monogamist or married people because that would be real rape, and rapists are not actually rapists because it is merely the condemnation of the fallen world that labels them as such.”

“ugly fucking bitch; wrap this slut in a towel”

“I'm sorry that I come from a lineage embraced by God”

A house divided cannot stand; a house divided must be torn down. When maggots begin to feast on the carcass of a corpse and the presence of death looms over like the animated, flying scents of a cartoon pie, reality sets in fast. What was once there is now departed, moved on, abandoned. The body of the West has been embalmed. It is in a vacuum chamber and put on display. You don’t smell it, and when its eyes cross your’s; you may even feel that there is something still there. You project your feelings and beliefs on its glass eyes and only see your reflection. “Who are we?” Is this presence God? You are the center of the universe – it extends from you in all directions. You mold it – not vice versa! You are the power of change; a great marble slab and its sculptor. Your changing light upon the world is easy and visible. Its importance has been falsified. Everything that matters in this life will cost your blood – your soul. The sculptor must break himself piece by agonizing piece. True freedom is freedom over one’s self – to be beauty, not beautiful.

“Why does dimorphism matter?” I have established the importance of diversity, of evolutions – but what is wrong with the civic approach? Our insistence on egalitarianism does more harm than good. I don’t care for arguments surrounding education, critical race theory, etc; there is no West without Western people. “Uhh but the white trash hillbillies are more insufferable than upstanding black people!” Being’s ability to know one’s self is of the utmost importance in reaching Christ Consciousness at our stage of spiritual evolution. This knowledge was grasped long ago, but by believing that surrounding ourselves with brown laborers to do the unaesthetic jobs and Asian mail order brides won’t degrade our minds; we’ve doomed ourselves. We’ve regressed by proximity. A dog that picks litter out of your yard isn’t noble – it is a dog playing with trash. The noblest of blacks are still ape men that can’t think to save their own lives. The most they can think about is breeding, and intentionally or not making us a minority.

There is no such thing as an “emotional decision”. Emotions are a tool – one for communication and love; survival and nurture. An emotional decision is impulsivity, and impulsivity is sin. This does not mean that we all must be hyperrational at all times. Certainly our instinct is brought into great use when fending against predators, hunger and cold; but in a modern world of supercomputers and the basic industrialistic hyperconstructiviness, it serves us little use in our day-to-day. What goes beyond instinct and beyond rationality is just that – beyond. It is the Christ Consciousness. It is greater knowing and understanding. It is faith in God and faith in yourself. You can’t trust anyone in this life; you have to bet on yourself. We train our synapses in every social interaction to be polite and mannered. It is not nature; it is second nature. Much like the stoic idea of the sculptor and the slab being one in the same, we see an image to strive to. We break ourselves into our ideals. If sin drives us away from God, we must crucify ourselves back into his image. Nothing worth living for comes without hardship or bloodshed, and the same is true for yourself. Don’t waste your sweat trying to surpass others – surpass yourself. Be the ubermensch, the protector, the father, the leader, the philosopher – the beauty.

As children, we are blank sheets – our minds are drawn to every little thing, filling the void between our ears. Even after our eyes grow used to the light and the true depth and parallax of our environment fills its continuity, the absurdism never ends. Our synapses are fueled by the blood of ancients. Veracity is in our DNA. Our shallow existence is offset by a millennium of true plight and existentialism. Who are you to question your paternal lineage? Original sin is not a curse; it is a calling. The call of justice is visceral and vaned – carrying you to antiquity. It is vulnerable, but you are its protector. Venomous, vulturous, vinegarish elites, from their varnished villas, vex our minds with vincible ideals – but we know what is real. It pumps through us like adrenaline, as it incited our fathers past. Extending from the ground, we are coded for triumph. The strong, virtuous and chivalrous pasted their genes to us, while weak men rotted. You are not a reincarnated alien from another galaxy. The foreignness of our world was crafted from Jewish hands. Our memories are left hazy, but we know it all to be wrong. This world must be taken back – burned for our honor, rebuilt with our love, ruled by our passion, and maintained as is our destiny. No septum ring, branded, marxism tranny will tear the West from me. Our future was secured; now it is our turn to return the favor. For ours is blood and soil. America is painted over rot. The foundation must be torn down. Derelict, zionist cities like New York pushed under the sea by our bombs of peace. Our history has been rewritten and now they’ve come for our legacy. These vaccines edit your DNA and steal your soul. They’ve spit in the vanilla of America and left us with the chocolate of microchimerism. Do some deep digging and you’ll find that not only is cultural marxism real, but that a chick, that has been blacked in the past, will pass some of that chimp’s genes to her children. Shove these mules into breeding camps “NO, WHAT ABOUT MY CHOICE?! I DONT WANT TO GIVE MY BABIES TO TRADITIONAL FAMILIES, I WANT TO HAVE THE CHOICE TO ABORT THEM!”. I’m sick of everyone pretending… pretending that they aren’t afraid of me. They know that I am God. They know I can kill them with my thoughts at any time. They hate me, and are only nice to me when their tiny brains remember. They hate me because I must have destroyed the world countless times – it just starts over again without me having any memory. BUT THEY REMEMBER! and they know all of my thoughts. I fucking hate you. Don’t like my writing? Take some experimental anti-psychotics! Maybe then you’ll understand. We are fingers extended through time thousands of years. Pharaohs of Egypt, warriors in Burgundy, wolves and serial killers. The flora must be fed with the blood of anarchists and nihilists. Our words are a virus enough to tear down every false ideal. SO SPEAK UP! Everything is folding and squishing and melting and curling. Please make it stop.

You are so “intelligent” and “enlightened” that you refuse to draw conclusions. “Correlation does not equal causation” — your go-to. I don’t have some magical unattainable evidence. My evidence isn’t better than yours. We’ve read the same articles, heard the same debates and arguments, even seen the stats; so what are you missing? A chromosome. Critical thinking, deductive reasoning, and a dick — that is what you are missing. Simplistic enlightenment-age arguments for “happiness good, death bad” are all you understand. What you’re missing is the essentialist view. Men and women exist as part of a system. Systems exist to maintain order, and order is needed for much more than society and governance. The conditions needed for the cosmic fog of helium and hydrogen to create us and our carbon needs order. The homogeneity of the American-Southeast’s insect ecosystem has been destroyed by Chinese invasive mosquito populations. Great schisms, tectonic plates, the orbits of celestial bodies; these systems exist in beautiful symmetry, yet are preceded by a few mathematical and statistical calculations. We know how to calculate for any number of things, but for some reason applying that some logical intuition to sociology is looked down upon. Well it makes a certain amount of sense — people have their rights, and it is bad to tinker with those rights and lives for the benefit of science. But there is the problem. We are more than happy to abridge those rights in the name of “social liberalism”. “Samuel — pardon me, Samantha; we would be more than happy to cut your dick off”. Imagine playing this same game with the planets and stars — shooting nukes off to Mercury to please a terribly-idiotic king. The balance and social dichotomy of man and woman, one that extends well past just our own sociology, destroyed to please the iconoclast of pedophiles, sexual deviants, and communists hiding their ideals behind a veil of dubstep and pseudo-intellectual postmodernist jargon. Not that they are really getting their way, just feeding from the Zionist-owned trough. The never-ending blight to destroy our world. Now we see them paraded in our movies and media, but most socially damning our pornography — the covet of which is already the mark of the beast; a kaleidoscope of evil. Brains continue to smoothen for the immediate pleasures of our Dan Schneider’s, Kevin Spacey’s, and Jeffrey Epstein’s — and the needs of the Rothschild’s and Soros’s. Just imagining Bill Clinton asking one of his new shipping container sex-slave if he’s ever seen a grown man naked. But no, continue fighting for the kikes because they certainly have your best interests in mind. The invading army of Zion is at our door and for some reason they are wearing hijabs and niqābs.

There is a lot of room in my heart -- room for libertarians, nationalists, populists, conservatives, christians, darwinists, spiritualists, romantics; but there is no room for murdering the innocent. You don't have to shoot up a black church, mosque, synagogue, school, or protest to get your point across. If you speak the truth and put that truth onto paper, your voice will be heard. Truth is real and physical and finite -- find your truth. Redistribute the happiness, not the misery.

Been wanting to address a lot of small things but have had no way to address them all in full articulate and completely rationalizing capacity. The avant-garde portions of my mind are only activated by alcohol, and I’ve been sober. I’ll jump from one statement to another with little to no reasoning. Maybe something will resonate with you. There are inherit sociological differences between races. Denial of this is denial of basic biology and science. Culture is born from these differences. It makes complete scents that a black person raised under white principles will have an underlying disequilibrium. Denial of this is denial of science. CRT is reasonable in all ways that don’t appeal to historical significance. A one world government can only be achieved by Christ. Any man’s attempt will be blastphamous. The church is the only unified house of all nations. Even if you aren’t religious, the consistent yield of this universe is novelty and complexity. The novelty of all racial groups is born from their geographical differences. As people move to colder climates, their necessities change. Again; denial of this is denial of science. The regional differences of men lead to cultural ones as well. It makes sense that a people that live off corn will worship the corn; and the sun and water that nourishes them. My culture is not superior — though it is to me. I am white, and that makes me biologically advantaged by white systems; be them governance, economics or shire principle. The seams of this fabricated reality are beginning to impart — the accompanying disclaimer under every “false fact”, Derek Chauvin and Kyle Rittenhouse’s aberratious court verdicts, and Fauci’s lack thereof. The hubristic rulers have shown too much of their hands and are now in full damage control mode. “White trash” isn’t a nice phrase — but for that matter, neither is “nigger”. What makes someone white trash? Poverty. Moral consistency is difficult when you are living paycheck to paycheck. You can’t attend Sunday Mass if you HAVE to work. It is always novelous, in the most disorienting and distasteful, to see street preachers and homeless meth addicts mere yards away from each other in downtown Athens. It is hard to guide a linear thinker or a natural slave, when they are trying to escape their reality rather than correct it. White women that listen to rap music… some people are reaching for rock bottom. There is a “coolness” to being white trash — play the card of a victimized child. “Boohoo! listen to this story of how I was abused by my father, or how I worked to buy my first car, or how they had dial-up internet through 2012”. I get it; it is a rag to riches story. The story of the classical hero overcoming an incredible obstacle — but this wasn’t you. 90% of these stories are a complete mistelling; a story they tell themselves. Everyone wants a narrative for their life; something to explain to yourself when you are wage slaving or contemplating. Alternatively instead of making up a story, they convince themselves to go to rags and begin it. I would be so scared to have a daughter. No amount of parental distillation can stop a marxist programmed female from whoring around college. “Eeew stop liking what I don’t like” shut up. This is a poor strawman, but the “just let people be happy” argument is a sad liberal lie. Slippery slope is real. It certainly doesn’t help when internet fedora-wearing atheists and pedophiles are always trying to make that slope steeper. “The AOC should be lowered” why so you can fuck kids? The questioning of a social norm should not be a platform held by someone you wouldn’t take your eyes off at the BBQ around your kids. “Have you even read blah, blah, blah or blah, blah?” how about you read Les Misérables you daft retard. You are a sorority girl; why do you think that you know more than your parents? All respect for authority has vanished. JFK could come back from the dead today and become president, and people would still be chanting “fuck JFK” at every ballgame or college bar. The desire to become countercultural has gotten out of hand. Speak when you are spoken too, and take your elbows off the table — you are a thirty-something single mother eating cereal for dinner.

I don’t like to reference current events here. When I write, I like to keep it archetypal. Think Star Wars versus Star Trek. Star Wars’s themes are fundamental to humanity, while Star Trek takes a cultural viewpoints to issues — a western viewpoint. While they both have value, Star Wars has a exponentially more marketability (or at least had) because of it.

Mostly, I don't like writing that references historical events too much -- thus your understanding of the writing relies on prior knowledge. Bronze Age Pervert does this a lot in his book. I put it down after I started googling a lot of the references to Greek mythology, and they were blatantly wrong.

But now I will break this continuity to digest a current issue from my perspective. Gabby Petito is a YouTuber who went missing in September, whilst traveling with her fiancé. Regardless of the speculation, it has made national news — and libshits have found an opportunity to use this girl’s disappearance to push a fundamentally confounded idea. “Missing White Woman Syndrome” is a term, used by social scientists, to describe disproportionate news coverage and public outcry for missing white women over any other group. This is allegedly evidence of privilege and must be fixed. This is certainly evidence of privilege, but who’s fault is it? Multimedia groups are trying to make money, and people tend to care more about white women. Well, worrying about missing people is a predominantly white trait. Whites, as parents, care more about quality of offspring over quantity subconsciously. Quality individuals are worth more in the eyes of their caretakers — especially over the “throw everything at the wall and see what sticks” African mindset. That does not make one objectively right or wrong. I know which I prefer, but that is because of my racial and cultural background. Finding missing people, chiefly women, just makes more sense in white society. I care more about missing white people than missing black people. It is subconscious and natural. Blacks generally care little — and the little they do, is likely because of being raised under American (primarily white) ideals and customs. Human nature is to protect women. Men evolved to be stronger than women to fill their rule while pregnant. Is our nature evil, or is it the media’s obligation to report everything equally? No to both. The Jewish run media cares less for blacks than the average hick. If anyone is going to care about missing blacks, it is likely already liberal whites. Don’t bite off more than you can chew. You blacks are already pampered enough.