You are so “intelligent” and “enlightened” that you refuse to draw conclusions. “Correlation does not equal causation” — your go-to. I don’t have some magical unattainable evidence. My evidence isn’t better than yours. We’ve read the same articles, heard the same debates and arguments, even seen the stats; so what are you missing? A chromosome. Critical thinking, deductive reasoning, and a dick — that is what you are missing. Simplistic enlightenment-age arguments for “happiness good, death bad” are all you understand. What you’re missing is the essentialist view. Men and women exist as part of a system. Systems exist to maintain order, and order is needed for much more than society and governance. The conditions needed for the cosmic fog of helium and hydrogen to create us and our carbon needs order. The homogeneity of the American-Southeast’s insect ecosystem has been destroyed by Chinese invasive mosquito populations. Great schisms, tectonic plates, the orbits of celestial bodies; these systems exist in beautiful symmetry, yet are preceded by a few mathematical and statistical calculations. We know how to calculate for any number of things, but for some reason applying that some logical intuition to sociology is looked down upon. Well it makes a certain amount of sense — people have their rights, and it is bad to tinker with those rights and lives for the benefit of science. But there is the problem. We are more than happy to abridge those rights in the name of “social liberalism”. “Samuel — pardon me, Samantha; we would be more than happy to cut your dick off”. Imagine playing this same game with the planets and stars — shooting nukes off to Mercury to please a terribly-idiotic king. The balance and social dichotomy of man and woman, one that extends well past just our own sociology, destroyed to please the iconoclast of pedophiles, sexual deviants, and communists hiding their ideals behind a veil of dubstep and pseudo-intellectual postmodernist jargon. Not that they are really getting their way, just feeding from the Zionist-owned trough. The never-ending blight to destroy our world. Now we see them paraded in our movies and media, but most socially damning our pornography — the covet of which is already the mark of the beast; a kaleidoscope of evil. Brains continue to smoothen for the immediate pleasures of our Dan Schneider’s, Kevin Spacey’s, and Jeffrey Epstein’s — and the needs of the Rothschild’s and Soros’s. Just imagining Bill Clinton asking one of his new shipping container sex-slave if he’s ever seen a grown man naked. But no, continue fighting for the kikes because they certainly have your best interests in mind. The invading army of Zion is at our door and for some reason they are wearing hijabs and niqābs.

There is a lot of room in my heart -- room for libertarians, nationalists, populists, conservatives, christians, darwinists, spiritualists, romantics; but there is no room for murdering the innocent. You don't have to shoot up a black church, mosque, synagogue, school, or protest to get your point across. If you speak the truth and put that truth onto paper, your voice will be heard. Truth is real and physical and finite -- find your truth. Redistribute the happiness, not the misery.

Been wanting to address a lot of small things but have had no way to address them all in full articulate and completely rationalizing capacity. The avant-garde portions of my mind are only activated by alcohol, and I’ve been sober. I’ll jump from one statement to another with little to no reasoning. Maybe something will resonate with you. There are inherit sociological differences between races. Denial of this is denial of basic biology and science. Culture is born from these differences. It makes complete scents that a black person raised under white principles will have an underlying disequilibrium. Denial of this is denial of science. CRT is reasonable in all ways that don’t appeal to historical significance. A one world government can only be achieved by Christ. Any man’s attempt will be blastphamous. The church is the only unified house of all nations. Even if you aren’t religious, the consistent yield of this universe is novelty and complexity. The novelty of all racial groups is born from their geographical differences. As people move to colder climates, their necessities change. Again; denial of this is denial of science. The regional differences of men lead to cultural ones as well. It makes sense that a people that live off corn will worship the corn; and the sun and water that nourishes them. My culture is not superior — though it is to me. I am white, and that makes me biologically advantaged by white systems; be them governance, economics or shire principle. The seams of this fabricated reality are beginning to impart — the accompanying disclaimer under every “false fact”, Derek Chauvin and Kyle Rittenhouse’s aberratious court verdicts, and Fauci’s lack thereof. The hubristic rulers have shown too much of their hands and are now in full damage control mode. “White trash” isn’t a nice phrase — but for that matter, neither is “nigger”. What makes someone white trash? Poverty. Moral consistency is difficult when you are living paycheck to paycheck. You can’t attend Sunday Mass if you HAVE to work. It is always novelous, in the most disorienting and distasteful, to see street preachers and homeless meth addicts mere yards away from each other in downtown Athens. It is hard to guide a linear thinker or a natural slave, when they are trying to escape their reality rather than correct it. White women that listen to rap music… some people are reaching for rock bottom. There is a “coolness” to being white trash — play the card of a victimized child. “Boohoo! listen to this story of how I was abused by my father, or how I worked to buy my first car, or how they had dial-up internet through 2012”. I get it; it is a rag to riches story. The story of the classical hero overcoming an incredible obstacle — but this wasn’t you. 90% of these stories are a complete mistelling; a story they tell themselves. Everyone wants a narrative for their life; something to explain to yourself when you are wage slaving or contemplating. Alternatively instead of making up a story, they convince themselves to go to rags and begin it. I would be so scared to have a daughter. No amount of parental distillation can stop a marxist programmed female from whoring around college. “Eeew stop liking what I don’t like” shut up. This is a poor strawman, but the “just let people be happy” argument is a sad liberal lie. Slippery slope is real. It certainly doesn’t help when internet fedora-wearing atheists and pedophiles are always trying to make that slope steeper. “The AOC should be lowered” why so you can fuck kids? The questioning of a social norm should not be a platform held by someone you wouldn’t take your eyes off at the BBQ around your kids. “Have you even read blah, blah, blah or blah, blah?” how about you read Les Misérables you daft retard. You are a sorority girl; why do you think that you know more than your parents? All respect for authority has vanished. JFK could come back from the dead today and become president, and people would still be chanting “fuck JFK” at every ballgame or college bar. The desire to become countercultural has gotten out of hand. Speak when you are spoken too, and take your elbows off the table — you are a thirty-something single mother eating cereal for dinner.

I don’t like to reference current events here. When I write, I like to keep it archetypal. Think Star Wars versus Star Trek. Star Wars’s themes are fundamental to humanity, while Star Trek takes a cultural viewpoints to issues — a western viewpoint. While they both have value, Star Wars has a exponentially more marketability (or at least had) because of it.

Mostly, I don't like writing that references historical events too much -- thus your understanding of the writing relies on prior knowledge. Bronze Age Pervert does this a lot in his book. I put it down after I started googling a lot of the references to Greek mythology, and they were blatantly wrong.

But now I will break this continuity to digest a current issue from my perspective. Gabby Petito is a YouTuber who went missing in September, whilst traveling with her fiancé. Regardless of the speculation, it has made national news — and libshits have found an opportunity to use this girl’s disappearance to push a fundamentally confounded idea. “Missing White Woman Syndrome” is a term, used by social scientists, to describe disproportionate news coverage and public outcry for missing white women over any other group. This is allegedly evidence of privilege and must be fixed. This is certainly evidence of privilege, but who’s fault is it? Multimedia groups are trying to make money, and people tend to care more about white women. Well, worrying about missing people is a predominantly white trait. Whites, as parents, care more about quality of offspring over quantity subconsciously. Quality individuals are worth more in the eyes of their caretakers — especially over the “throw everything at the wall and see what sticks” African mindset. That does not make one objectively right or wrong. I know which I prefer, but that is because of my racial and cultural background. Finding missing people, chiefly women, just makes more sense in white society. I care more about missing white people than missing black people. It is subconscious and natural. Blacks generally care little — and the little they do, is likely because of being raised under American (primarily white) ideals and customs. Human nature is to protect women. Men evolved to be stronger than women to fill their rule while pregnant. Is our nature evil, or is it the media’s obligation to report everything equally? No to both. The Jewish run media cares less for blacks than the average hick. If anyone is going to care about missing blacks, it is likely already liberal whites. Don’t bite off more than you can chew. You blacks are already pampered enough.

When left wing degenerates, sexual deviants, autogynephiliacs and child molesters use and objectify Islamic/Mexican/Black minorities, they are using them as a moral sockpuppet for dismissing criticisms of their blasphemy and shitty ideations. The whole “right side of history” argument is an overplayed card in the book of establishing control over high schoolers and equally ignorant CHILDREN — most of which they are trying to groom and molest. Leftists will throw around phrases like “Uncle Tom” like it is their birthright. “Oh that black politician/individual is ‘catering’ to conservative talking points — what a house nigger. Do a dance for me porch monkey”. If the hypocrisy there is going over your head, you are already too far gone. If there was actually any concern for these voices, libshits wouldn’t care about them being silenced SOLEY for not holding “traditionally white” positions. Maybe the democratic party never actually changed — because besides your Richard Spencer-types, conservatives are much quicker to treat blacks like people. Progressives are pretty cool with using racial epithets like “house nigger” to describe their political opponents — and it’s not because “the democrats are the real racists” (HONK HONK) but because the left sees bigotry as the easiest way to shut down speech. Alternatively, they’ll use the argument that you are a “fake minority”; pointing out your wealth, education or immediate ancestors. In the same way that George Zimmerman is a “cracker” and an “oppressor”, as labelled by the Hispanic communities themselves, Nick Fuentes and Milo Yiannopoulos aren’t Hispanics and kikes respectively (I hate these people btw). “I don’t want the government involved in censorship but misgendering trans people should be a crime”. Suppressing speech will always be an odd topic similar to the paradox of tolerance, but simply defending speech is not always an agreement of stance. Forcing someone into silence and hiding are very different things, but this is not covered under defamation. Choosing to be silent is no one’s fault but your own. There is a marketplace of ideas and if you feel the need to silence other people, it means you are afraid of what those legitimate ideas show. Forcing restrictions on speech outside of defamation in places where you feel small and weak compared to alpha male ideologies and logical arguments without strawmen to throw slurs at, is trying to game the system. You support communism, islamicism, and interventionism for the same reasons Obama orders $65K worth of cheese pizza to the White House, you like raping children. In the same way an r9k incel sees traditionalism and thinks a return to it would get him laid, you see Sharia Law and start grool thinking about all those little boys. You hear about the Down Under and wish you were born black. You hear about Hollywood and wish you a child star. You heard about Michelle Obama and wished you passed “that well”. This iconoclast is here for little boys and girls. If you truly cared about reevaluating morality, you would be reading more Nietzsche — not watching the Dear White People. Historical significance will never matter. Positions taken, not by logic, but in tribute or respiration will always fail. Why? Because it isn’t fucking real. It is fairy dust — it doesn’t fucking exist. The next time you see someone defending one of these talking points, step back and think “does this person have sugar plum fairies in their head?”. You aren’t the main character in a Hunger Games book, you are a 28 year old man with a MAP flag in your room. Just because a few people get locked up for murder laws that didn’t commit murder, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t have murder laws — in this same respect, we have to have principles when it comes to free of speech. “Silence him! He’s anti-gay”. I’m not anti-gay. I am anti-“you being gay around people”. Whether or not the traditional household is what exists in most circumstances, that is what we should be projecting — that we are a nation of good and normal people; raising our children to be GOOD and NORMAL people. Try to treat all speech as equal. Stop using minorities as a moral soapbox to defend an ideology of sexual deviancy. Supporting racist speech is not racist — calling the black man that does a “Uncle Tom” IS. History is important. Perspective is important. Stop book burnings

Trannies don’t deserve human rights (this is going to be very disjointed). Is it weird for a guy to take it up the ass — like, there is a sensual spot up there. Obvi, you shouldn’t be fucking dudes, but like what if it is a chick or alternatively just some lady fingers. What if it is a chick with a dick? Well chicks can’t have dicks so…. People can be born with both but much like a kindergarten class, we must teach the average case. “We have ten fingers, count to ten”. Abortion is terrible. Don’t use a few rape victims to justify your stance on murdering children. Trannies are degenerates. Don’t use a few genetically deformed people to justify your stance on sexual deviancy. If deviancy is wrong and happiness shouldn’t always be a priority then, you can be “stoic” and just not transition — try to live a normal life. Many gay men have lived normal lives and had children. Just repress it — cuz if you don’t, you open the door for all other kinds of degeneracy. If you were to look at straight porn (don’t, try to avoid pornography), you’ll see an average of “X” fetishes per video. Fake incest, lingerie, interracial, xyz etc. If you assume that one’s tolerance for fetishes goes up for every additional fetish they acquire, then adding just one can lead to exponential growth. With this in mind if we assume that homosexuality is a fetish, then homos porn should display many more fetishes on average. Go on the gay hub and see BEAR ON TWINK ACTION BALLS PUMPED FULL OF SALINE HAIR MAN SHAVED BOY. So again, just try to avoid that stuff. Like… chill. Your immediate happiness is not worth the collapse of the west. Trannies are no different because they just give into some sort of vice or illness. At the Feet of the Master would say that all mental illness is fake and gay. Not to sound like a lib or anything, but that is kinda ableist. In some circumstances, I’d say that outside help is certainly needed. Help the people in your community — or look for help. Your friends want to see the best in you. God and I believe in you. This was a request plus I’m pretty “drumk”. Maybe this helped someone. Good luck.

Everyone is an idealist today — but only in speech. Whether or not the values we uphold are traditional ones or not, the pursuit of happiness is at the top of most of those agendas. This directly conflicts with the actions of the average American. We can be weekend warriors or internet activists, but most people aren’t doing anything to actually achieve power; rather the exact opposite. A classical hero does hard work and reaps the benefits of their time and effort. But all we really want is agency without power. To abort without consequence, the UBI, a defunded police force that can’t stop looting and shooting. Childhood continues to be extended (now into the mid-twenties) because it allows us to remain flawed. The world has become nauseatingly complex and to take away power is to return to simplicity. Regardless of what anyone says, we all choose to play with the hand we’re dealt and work within the system rather than fight against it. We value imperfection because we’re not perfect, and to idealize perfection is to worship something we can never be. Freedom of choice and freedom of consequence. It is why we have a weight problem as Americans — laziness, ignorance, rampant consumerism. While our activist selves are pretentious, our actions are a transparent lens into how we really feel — like doing nothing. We are not ambitious. We are content; rather than being slaves to our own standards. It is identical to a laissez-faire market, true libertarianism is to distance ourselves from idealism. Horseshoe theory is true to the extent that totalitarianism is born from the prevalence of idealism and morality. Collectives sharing common beliefs will limit themselves and each other in their actions based on those beliefs — the creation of governance. The strength of that government being as strong as our faith in our beliefs. A libertarian has a laissez-faire attitude towards the existence of ideals. They may have their own personal values, but no ability to perpetuate them besides indoctrinating their children. They let the world around them run it’s own course. In the same way, Biden has reneged on most of his campaign promises, and the most progressives do is whine. There is no retaliation because they love to be babied. Only by relinquishing our control over others can we find our own agency to do as we please. Of course this leads to tyranny though — that is the goal. The aristocratic class is being revived. It makes sense why most people that begin to care quickly become nihilists. The ruling class wants you to be ignorant, and you want that too.

You have courage to be here. When you read these, you are participating in the questioning of the powers at be. There is an invading army of fanatical belief. You have been emasculated by modernity. There is no home for you in this changing world; this is our lament. So much for no taxation without representation… It isn’t like any bureaucrat mirrors my unwavering love of the west. Much like today’s Christians (maybe because they are), the conservatives aren’t conservative. They exist solely as a reactionary party. They have no foundation in their claims except to slow the ever changing landscape. How do conservatives respond? Do they push back, as is our sovereign duty? Of course not, they “adapt” to the new way and reinvigorate it like it’s our inheritance. Despicable. So it is good to have you here, a place where some men still agree in the old ways — where some men still want to fight. There are fundamental responsibilities of a nation; protecting the land, preserving our heritage and culture from opportunists. What is still united in these states? A piece of paper ripped, tattered and shit on in the wave of “progress”. The words don’t echo or resonate with the leaders nor the youth. Who is truly protected by this country? Trespassers at the border have more bequest than our people. Everything I value — you value is under siege. Our foundation was made on the rock; our beliefs, our community, destiny, honor, creed, consistency, credence, credibility, family — TRASH it is called in the ever approaching tidal wave of “tolerance”. Like a shrinking coastline, the goal post is ever moving. The benefactors are vultures feasting on the carcass of the west, the bankers that have stolen our birthright and created an obedient slave designation for every American swine. Their purchased politicians will call us what they will, but I know what you truly are. You are the start of the revolution, a path to a glorious tomorrow, an American.

God bless, brother.

Sorry, it has been a minute. Been getting oddly tangled up lately. Writing has and will continue to be slowing down. My personality has been drifting recently. Thought I’d talk a little more on race mixing because it seems to be the thing that goes over most people’s heads. Watched a Ted Talk yesterday — Asian liberal arts student (uuugh) talking about the struggles of being an Asian woman in the age of online dating. Her thesis was all over the place; it makes sense when you consider that she is forming an argument not only to defend her actions, but to brigade every possible action she could take. “I am being objectified and fetishized because of my race” well you are using meet’n’fuck apps so that makes sense. When I look at a picture of someone, the first thing I see is the color of their skin. When I see Annabelle with her no bio, the only conclusions that I can draw about her is that she is Asian and to assign Asian stereotypes. I have to make some assumptions about her — otherwise I would be wasting my time talking to people I really shouldn’t be dating (ie asking the black girl drinking purple drank her opinion on abortion). Girls come to these apps without personalities other than “I like having fun” “I like XYZ music” “must be this tall to ride”, none of which are personalities. When I date a girl, I almost feel the need to make her discover herself. Post-modernity has already left all of these women so shallow and empty, telling them the things they would have been interested in are outdated and stereotypical. Then, all these women can bring to the table is their sex and sexuality — and just like a new car, its value is halved after the first owner. If you don’t want to be fetishized, date Asian men and develop yourself. People are depressed and broken and think a relationship will fix all of that. Honestly it is such a complex and dense issue. “What?? Asian women get the most likes on tinder?? How do we end racism??” We live in a world where race mixing is good. We’ve all heard the mutt story more than enough times. What you aren’t told is the truth — that the second cousin leads to the healthiest showdown (while also not looking abominable). I feel bad for the hapa guy, not that it is a race exclusive issue. Maybe Rand’s mating sheds weren’t that bad. If you came here for a concise argument/dialogue, you came to the wrong place. There are so many levels of ignorance in addressing these issues. Imagine that I want you to bake me a cake, but I tell you you have to substitute the milk, eggs, sugar and flour. You can certainly still attempt to make a cake, but it would be much easier to ask why. There is zero transparency in these issues. You don’t get to ask questions because that makes you racist. “Well I am racist, could I get an answer?” To admit that is to put yourself beyond dialectics — white men are the terrorists of the current age. This smooth brained Asian, her head whistling in a crosswind, can acknowledge that acts against her made off the distinction of race are racist; while justifying stereotyping other groups. This is regression. I’m getting a bellyache just watching this video. I don’t understand how internet skeptic types can use sexual dimorphism as their COD primary weapon and run and hide when someone mentions “race realism” SPOOKY! These people are a civilization destroying plague of locusts. Nihilism am I rite? Bazinga! What if when Jim Parsons got gay married he turned to his husband and said “bazinga I hate gays” and killed him? These people look for implicit meaning in the idea of life having no meaning. They think there is an overarching taste of dramatic irony that overcasts the universe. There has been an expression for that for a long time — God has a strange sense of humor. That is the gist of it. It is an atheist problem. The iconoclast of modern liberals, progressives, feminists and atheists has the most artificial, backhanded, counterfeit, double-dealing views on the humanities, only upheld by weak arguments for historical relevance and “examination of social, cultural and legal issues”. “I’m not a steadfast retard. I just refuse to acknowledge opinions and beliefs that question modern liberalism and enlightenment age egalitarianism”. The culture wars have popularized sexual deviancy and de facto state parenthood — and it is seen as a fight, not only against western ideation, but as a total affront to God. While it can be fun to hold people to their own standards and lambast modernity, the reality is that only religious people have standards. The only standard that the modern atheist has is appeal to state, “equality”, and anything else that lets them continue raping kids in their synagogue of Satan. You aren’t starting the revolution, you are soliciting nudes from minors.

Given a Darwinist perspective, since white people and black people still continue to exist with destruction of physical barriers, both groups are equal. Neither is extinct. They both continue to exist because, the sum of their attributes are equal. There is no empirical way to measure the value of a people group — especially considering the diversity that can exist in any one people group. Of course I want to say my people are the best, but doesn’t everyone? If you support the idea of diversity of people and ideas, you cannot support globalism or open-borders. Colleges have always existed as a place for people to come together and exchange ideas and always will. An idea that has died in, recent time, is the idea of the existential hero. I want to stand for something greater than myself and see that change before my eyes. Do we fight for an antiquitarian view of freedom and of greater good and of resisting daily temptations and sin, or do we fight for the postmodern freedoms of the pursuit of person pleasures, abundance, and skive? The truth is that most people want to continue to be slaves to vice, and to try and resist it today would mean the death of your ability to socialize. How could I ever go about having a normal conversation with co-workers if I didn’t watch anime, porn, NASCAR, or Fox? Beyond that, people identify with their kinks too. Exploration of kinks is like trying to draw a map for a rogue-like. You can be a slave to consistent moral behavior or you can be a slave to impulse. Which is it? Now the issue with your answer is that your morality works to justify and defend and tolerate and enable everything that is impulsive. The pursuit of pleasure is slavery to a master with a limitless appetite. We must restrict people’s ability to follow vices to make them truly free. To mindlessly seek pleasure is to be malfunctioning automata. You are reinforcing inconsistent moral principles by trying to make a society formed around vice and sin. The master of the sinner is inconsistent and incoherent — when you are watching porn, one second something may be very appealing and that changes the next moment. If you are not governed by moral principle and reason, you are governed by impulsion and retardation. A free person is someone that is not beholden to inborn or acquired desires. Stop rationalizing your impulses and admit you have a problem. Your impulses are not your identity. Trust me, you still exist outside of your preferences. Heroism is clouded in the modern day. How is a man to display chivalry and save a woman from a life of debauchery, when ever girl these days is depressant to hit rock bottom? How is a man supposed to maintain the angelic and fair nature of women, when woman have discarded that POSITIVE label all together as “dated” and “misogynistic”? When I see the new “fixed” and modern family, it is like window shopping on a life I could never have. I feel hatred for the lifestyles that have rejected me, and I feel like that is completely reasonable. Westernization was to give life purpose — purpose higher that survival of self, family, community, etc; the West is romantic and compassionate. It is the same drive we feel to wash seals after an oil spill. Right now, the seals of the West flock towards the oil spill of cultural marxism, microchimerism, and sin; and to try and resist is to fight “progress”.