What do you find keeps you in this world – tethered here with the rest of us? Consumerism, infantile notions of justice, wealth or your neverending chase of it, family, addiction, love? All are just distractions in a world whose main export is sin. Your over inflated, shortsighted ego is your only motivator – driving you to strive for “success” and “recognition”, to “prove yourself to the world”. You are a petty insect in this material world, no different from anyone else. All you and the world really care about is your own material gain and the satisfaction of everyone of your second-to-second base and heretical impulses. You cling to your possessions, your status, your power, desperate to feel important in a world that values only those who can contribute to the relentless cycle of production, productivity and consumption. Never a second to rest or breath; or die and rot in elder care facilities, “mental health centers”, or section 8 housing on MLK Jr Boulevard. You tell yourself that “I am different”, that you are more enlightened than the rest; as if you hold the candle to see through the fog of delusion – the shadows cast by modernity. But in truth, you are just as trapped as the rest, caught in the web of plutocratic jewaucracy that surrounds us all – a running hamster on a wheel. You try to escape through drugs, through sex, through any means necessary – but in the end, you always find yourself back where you started. Alone and dreaming of other places, other worlds, alternate dimensions and time travel fairy tales. You know that there is something more, something greater beyond the narrow confines of human existence, but you cannot seem to grasp the thought and hold it for more than a second. Your self-constructed reality of distractions calls you back like the hylic you are. And so you continue on chasing after the hollow promises of past generations, filling societal roles that may as well have been stamped on your birth certificate over your name – always playing your little part in the play that is the fall of Rome. The world becomes a black hole collapsing onto itself by the weight of its own sin and corruption. The world is ending and you have been left behind. I hate you. I hate all of you. You have the mental capacity of a blind cave beetle. You might as well be blind for all you see are your own illusionary symbols. Continue to cling to your petty delusions, thinking that you are somehow special, that your life has meaning in a world that cares nothing for you. The truth I have seen in the darkness that lies in the hearts of all men is the same endless void that awaits you when you inevitably die alone. I pity you. Well, let me tell you something, you fools. There is nothing. There is no purpose, no meaning, no hope for your salvation. You were born to live and die and nothing else. Your souls will be consumed by your own endless hunger. So go ahead, keep chasing after your degenerate dreams; but know that in the end, it will all be for nothing. You will die alone, unloved, unforgiven, and forgotten, just another meaningless blip in the endless cycle of birth and death.

The White Lives Matter movement starts now! Lol jk – that is the same role reversal bullshit that the pseudo-conservatives are always spouting. “Trust the science” now that the data supports them, “the dems are the real racists” – Mgtow is literally the same as the feminist “kill all men” rhetoric with the words switched around a little. They don’t work with nuance for the same reason that their platforms are just diluted liberal ones; meanwhile, I cry reading The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich. What, truly, is there left to write? Will the world suddenly change because of another paragraph from me? You see this all as an entertaining adventure. “Oh what is our narrator gonna write next?” This is nothing more than another source of media to consume with your brain, still addled by the latest episode of Stranger Things. Is there some combination of symbolism and encouragement strong enough to reverberate through this screen to awaken another you? Inside you is a full ensemble waiting for the conductor to raise his arms. The notes we compose in our hearts are a symphony — and yet, you sit in silence. Your soul is lost, and you cannot find it without a helpful light — I say in a high pitch voice with a slow rhythm. NO! You see another day without Abigail Sharipo, in bed next to you, as a day wasted. Spirituality to you is a bad shroom trip. Two words; liberal, propaganda, government, agents, mk, ultra. I’m not even going to acknowledge that it was more than two words – in fact, you aren’t even reading this. People don’t want to get angry about this anymore. I miss when God was angry. I am the voice in your head. You believe I exist because you allow me to. You don’t love me; you love the idea of me. Do you ever wonder if the universe is sentient enough to be grossed out by your personality? I am, and I am. What is cringe, is believing everything you are told by Ben Shapiro and Steven Crowder. You process their words like a chatbot. When a contradiction comes afoot, you wait for a patch and it gets redacted. Try to think outside the box. it seems childish because it is obscured by the haze of truth; a truth you once held as a child. When the world was simpler, held in its truest form; and the lies of years of traditional indoctrination and ill meant befogging of the mind. Don’t make me Hitler. You won’t like me when I’m Hitler. You want to reform the police state – but you don’t “reform” your bed in the morning.

70’s pseudo pop almost brings me to tears – the idea that freedom is this blooming idea; the world is filled with love. I wish it were true. The young girl or boy, in their underdog arch, living the time of their life as if highschool was some miraculous gift from God. A world where being hormonal was a blessing, not a curse. Maybe these are just the feelings of being young. It was a time where the women were transitioning from the husband supporting, loving, understanding housewives to the full blown whores of today. Men didn’t know it yet. Maybe that beauty is in their ignorance. How much I wish I could go back, it was a much simpler world for better or worse. Only the first inklings of the coming American totalitarian quasi-communist state had blossomed. Most of the women were still women – or waiting to be made women. It was a time where empowerment meant the right to vote and seeing that change before your eyes. Now, the only change we see is economic. Even when social change does happen, it is always negative. More child molestions normalized, more gender confusion, more dull-racism. It was a time where your stride didn’t need any will behind it. You’d make it with minimal effort and because of that, there was this transcendental peace in society. I just wish I could live like them. It was a time where you wouldn’t be slowed down. Because of today’s machine automation and an over-reliance on it, that is impossible. “But monopolies have always existed, pm” yeah but it is only recently that they have evolved to having the vast majority of the wealth. The Jew has perfected his art. The laughs and cheers of yesteryear are only echoes today – tomorrow they are the cries of your children as they are sold into an unimaginable expansion of wage-slavery. The real cry, the root of my suffering – the end of life is how this has stopped love. How is a man to love a woman when she works 40 hours a week? AND VICE VERSA! There is no shot. This entire system exists as some elaborate, ever changing conspiracy to grow the class divide. Whether or not anyone can verbalize this beyond rationality, Biden saying things about poors and blacks as if they are one and one is offensive to the populace not because there are rich blacks and poor whites, but rather because it lifts the veil on this poorly obscured ruse. All of the music today is about peach shaped asses and Obama transsexual trafficking because that is all our generation cares about, rather that is how we have been conditioned. It is nothing but sex and drugs for a social class dumbing and dumbing farther into NEETdom and welfare. The education system was built by corporatocracies for this reason and is continued by their social media. Be a big man (for you), be a lover, find some true love and understanding, and take back the controls. Crash the plane that is democracy into the homes of all the Tom Holland’s and the mixed race gems out there. I just want love.

James 5:2

Life imitates art, and all the art is absurdism.

The generation that eats the shoveled shlock of millennial blow-heart deadened losers sees the world only through such outlets. A written letter – words on paper, your heart and soul strung out across college rule has been downgraded to Hallmark cards and one sentence thoughts. Asking a father for his daughter’s hand in marriage? Laughable. Value and worth – more over merit, they mean nothing to the street-ware children, raised to never see a coffee bean. Love means nothing beyond emulating what you’ve seen on pornhub. Work doesn’t bring dignity. Soundcloud rapping with a guest verse from someone with a thousand more followers is all you see for your week. You need to set alarms to remember to do your laundry – and you never fold it. Romance is what you’ve seen in RomComs and anime. Strength and intelligence are “literally me”. The section 8 single mom is moved to tears when Tyrone texts her “I’ll have your daughter brought home by 2am”. Snorting cocaine off car keys is your cultural litmus test. Dad jokes, where the joke is that fathers are retarded out-of-touch clowns. The world has become an echo chamber of irony and nihilism. Everything is a rip-off of a rip-off of a rip-off. When it comes to body counts, a lot of people get upset saying it doesn’t matter blah blah blah who cares – the reality is that people can have any arbitrary reason they want when it comes to accepting or denying potential sexual partners. “Ha so you admit it pm, incels have no excuse” you say waving your finger in the air like you just don’t care. The difference is that one of these people is actively getting laid (just not married or whatever), and the other is struggling to find anything even relatively romantic in their life. Deny it all you like, sex is a form of romance. The sexual revolution has lied to you. Sex ultimately is an expression of love, and everyone deserves some of that 🙂 Redditors may accuse me of jumping from one idea to the next, and while there is likely some validity to that; it just makes me do it even more. Those that think similarly to me, i.e. most of the regular visitors, get it – BECAUSE IF THEY DIDNT THEYD EMAIL ME RIGHT?! No, no. You only email me with George Floyd memes. If that is our relationship, so be it as long as you are picking up some enlightenment along the way. I’ve been playing with AI a lot recently. I know it is evil but given that it hasn’t fully revealed itself to be Satan yet (ignore the demonic tattoo, that was a publicity stunt), I have plausible deniability. Today’s accompanying image was partially made with DALLE2 by the way. It makes sense to enjoy something evil, rather to say; if you aren’t participating in the evil, you aren’t the bad guy. It is the same argument I’d make against a statement like ACAB. So yes Gates still needs to be shot, but participating in the current dystopia requires most people to interact with evils. You can find a way to get by without? More power to you. Hopefully it won’t be long until those shackles are broken for good and the evil technology of the condom is outlawed. Remember not to stand in the shower too long, that kind of warmth will be earned when you are wed.


What is the point of any of this? Screaming into the abyss that is the internet only to catch the ears of a few redditors – maybe a twitter user now and then. This dark void started as a boys club, and much like freemasonry, it is desperately trying to rebrand. Once upon a time, a woman couldn’t post on the internet without a “tits or GTFO” reply. Now a thread is muted, the poster is banned, eight whiteknights are in the girl’s instant message, and fourteen feminist “news journals” are citing the post three years later as evidence of the “everlingering misogyny online”. There was a short time when a clairvoyant mist of arcane energy coated my brain and filled me with the Holy Spirit. I worked with passion believing that I may scorch the Earth with a mark of my existence – all of this past the age of jumping out of bed in the morning. It was a paranormal intensity that made me feel young again; it was a walking dream where I was emboldened with spontaneous Lovecraftian awareness. This is the closest I’ve been to genius, on the internet and IRL. Coworkers would often guess my IQ, after I’d give them a brief lecture of whatever it was that interested me at the time. Everything used to be so on-the-edge-of-your-seat juicy with gushing back and forth exchanges. Now these novelties have been replaced by the bottle. In some ways, I wish I had the heart to push on. I resent this feeling. “Well what exactly has changed?” you may ask. I am no longer mentally ill, and with its passing has gone all of my interest with life. How counterintuitive. The rumination has finally gone silent. What a strangely wonderful time. My intent in writing this article was to give an honest account of my experiences, and make my thinking clear. I am trying to bring back that magic, but it is not just my mind against me – but the new oligarchical internet police as well. I am surprised that this site has survived as long as it has. I cannot stand a lot of things about WordPress, but I have to give them props where props are due – they are rather lax with their ToS. This doesn’t help with the larger narrative of pushing my voice. I still stand by everything I’ve said here and where I don’t, I update posts a word or two at a time. Whatever. Expect even slower posts from now on.

Don’t take any of what I say as advocacy for closet conservativism. Perhaps a new mythology would help to build a post-dystopian modern world — one that returns to deifying Hitler’s instead of the virtue of your insufferable puritanical iron-willed stupidity. Some sort of supra-human consciousness, where the last vestiges of bipartisanship and common sense are bound by flesh and blood. A new form of supreme patriarchy, where your God, aka, me, has absolute dominion, and when I say ‘supreme’, we mean ‘divine’. Every waking moment, now, is consumed with suffering. How can we embrace the dragon that is the human condition and prosper? Prosperity isn’t in the eternal swine carnival. No more blatant soul-demolishing bullshit – at least not this weekend. Why not seek the quiet grace of ancient tribal paradise? The taboos of religion need to be shed. I have met so many people, too many have come to believe that liberals are their enemy, simply because the two do not agree on my beliefs. All is forgiven. I have enjoyed debauchery, lust, jealousy, envy, they are human emotions after all. There is nothing wrong with emotions. It is only when they are rationalized by the “I love everyone”-left, that it spirals into a linear beam focused on child molestation. We’ve mythologized the idea of freedom in the minds of the youth with “I have a dream” speeches and the falling of the Berlin Wall. It turns out that the most evil, self-righteous, blight — that permeates like an analgesian aerosol, was democracy. It strips you of the capacity to see through the fog of delusion. It is the embrace of the Great Retard — a human mutt amalgam of socially destitute outcasts from the absolute depths of wickedness. They don’t know what love is, they don’t know what liberty is, they don’t know what suffering is. These are all fluorescent ideas they’ve only seen expressed through seasonal anime. Entire families, of primarily women, sucking at the tit of the rabid wolf. He serves only the lowest common denominator, and nourishes them with anti-anxiety pills. They grow an all-night-cannibalistic hunger for the destruction of pre-established norms. Their heartless exuberance at the sight of Mr. Mailman dropping off the monthly tug-boat — like a vulture agitated and impatient waiting for the lion to finish his deserved supper. My speech may sound niggling, but did you earn your meal either?


Are there nondegen women still out there? Anon-to-anon, the desperate search for a woman unpolluted by the microchemism of cultural marxism, almost seems more degen – like, there is this archetypal wojak tradgirl in a wheatfield waiting for me. Maybe you may see one out in the wild but the reality is she is a poseur – it is a facade. She is a trender, nothing more than a soulless TikToker “rocking the niche traditionalist aesthetic”. She will turn through mom’s old photo album looking for thrifting inspiration, one week; then teary-eyed scrolling #louisvuitton, she will be daydreaming one of eight Fifty Shades of Gray-esque wishfullfilment/rape fantasies beamed down from Saturn, the next. Scratch everything I just said – if you see this woman now, she’s likely doing the same Handmaid’s Tale cosplay virtue-signal that all judeo/globohomo poisoned women are. “Oh no buddy. That’s not a cornfield-girl; that’s a cornsyrup-girl.” I need to find a frozen proto-germanic girl in the hyperborean icecaps. “Come on man! She’s wearing a headscarf and looks so natural!” Hope is beautiful and faint – it casts a short, graceful light then leaves you again in the darkness. How many times will you be left alone in the dark? When is enough enough? Your Amazon shopping cart of gadgets can’t tide off lonesomeness forever. What will be left of Americana when all the daughters of the West are anchored by the algorithms of a Chinese attention deficit psyop? I keep my candle of hope lit. God forbid what I do when its out for good.

Edit Reddiit: We are part of a worldwide, inter-planetary ad campaign for the United Nation of Satan, alongside pajama-clad internet Marxists and Anarchists. When we debate at ends to this and that, of validity and virtue, authenticity or blunderous defect; what history and men herald is ethos. No different than the pattern of tall presidents – the masses listen to the manly man. In 80/20 headcanon, the 80% of destitute, huskless men find equally evolutionarily deadended women. They become a minority regardless because of their lack of utorises, but also a political minority. As an intermediary means of survival, we have the advent of the soycuck. He came in like a rosemary bush before a plague; smelling of pollen. It is the only viable alternative for his very role: being a spoilt child to his hyperpatriarchal grandfather. This “Big Bang” sentimentality, with regard to the phenomenology of extensive intrinsic impulsivity, is being properly fetishised and rewarded. You can see the US military’s allocation of disproportionate brainpower to retraining military personnel to function as zombies — the guppification. Now, thanks to Funkopop collecting, that capacity will be redirected towards psychopathological consumption of various material products of unknowable quality and value. They will bear the wax-like skins of prized males, never able to attract to a single Instagram alledged “trad waifu”. All you need to do is to gaze into the colorless eyes; the destitute eyes of the ventriloquist mail-order-bride Ukrainian counterfeit cam-whore. If you can stop loving, what other goal is worth considering? These girls have killed our stock. These girls have ruined our world by infecting it with a life-destroying (((mercantilism))) that came straight from the pit of hell.

As strikingly evil the Great War was – the French and Russians itching to try out all of the new weapons of war, it was still a time of epics. Not just powerful moments akin to German unification and the Romanticism movement, but the epics in art and music. Tchaikovsky rings in my ears – pulses in my veins. It is begging me to fight for my children, my country, GOD HIMSELF. What is more epic than destiny; than honor, duty? “My holy country, maintaining the constellation of Rome in our hearts”. There is nothing epic today; no full ensemble trumpeting your commute to work in your 2008 Newport Blue Subaru Outback. Even the phrase “outback” – exploring a new frontier analogous to cameling through Deutsch-Südwestafrika. It is word magic. You have been left as a man without purpose – without destiny, by modernity. You exist to wait tables and mop floors, because your forefathers never finished their genocide. You pay thousands of dollars and wait through dozens of flight delays to take vacations staring out windows from four-star hotels. When you do leave, you walk down paved roads decorated at the sides with storefronts advertising the most blown out stereotypes of your surroundings. Everything has been coated in nine layers of fairy dust, and you sneeze when you walk off your tourguide’s path. My heart aches for the blood of fathers, and my groin does the same for their wives and daughters. Snaking through these urges is the CIA implant pulsing dopamine at the sight of Gamestop Funkopops. Tchaikovsky is muted as tweenage FBI sex agents deepthroat bananas to the new Billie Eilish. Every father needs to give their son a gun, but more importantly; he needs to teach him when to pull the trigger. In the nostalgia for a life I’ve never had, the real world breaks back through and the machine like trumpeting is replaced with actual machines. Algorithmic pop songs littering the air waves – literal Satanic child raping Freemasons piercing my skull and brain, scrambling my magnetism. NSA agents hammering your emails with reddit threads hoping for a child sex response. Hold these weak men by their hands and lead them to the camps. They can learn what God wants from behind wooden doors.

In diagnosing what is wrong with people in this country – what is wrong with young men, simply ask. They don’t like paying $100 at the gas pump because your nation would rather fund proxy wars for pig nations led by puppeted kikes. Russia is demonized for maintaining traditional beliefs while Ukraine is a country all about feminism, legalization of pot, and homosexuality. “Why are you unhappy?” For most men, it is that they can’t court a woman – a society where bodies have been turned into commodities on tinder and okcupid. They can’t get laid – their bloodline ends with them. In serfdom, you’d work 20 hours a week and be a father by 15. The world is confusing. It is a technophile wet-dream where a baker’s dozen or two of unelected entities pass “regulation” after “regulation” without any sort of newsletter. WHAT I KNOW, IS WHAT IS RIGHT! Nothing makes sense in a world ruled by invisible, unknowable, untouchable autocrats. What makes sense is a world ruled by Dad. A single household, a single community, county, state, country whose actions and beliefs are dictated by the sole proprietor of God’s Will. “Oh that doesn’t make sense to you? How does ‘don’t have eight sexual partners sound?’” Many men – and by many I mean 40-60%, understand that they are a deadend. There is nothing for them but rampant consumerism and memes. What does such a system beg for? What does GOD – THE NATURAL ORDER beg for?! We shall return to monke! Hollywood has tapped into something dark and mystic. The collective consciousness of man has stumbled onto a few objective facts – the woman you love is a whore. She is the village whore – a Bianca Devins wearing the sheep’s clothes of nublity and hymeneal distractions. She is a prototypical woman, willing to serve any niche in hopes of finding instant gratification and genetically superior men. The female collective consciousness has regressed to a state before antiquity. Freedom to the average woman is a pinky ring with the power of a goddess – uttering the phrase “toxic masculinity” like a catch all for public stoning. The empowerment of women isn’t the downfall of modern man though; rather man’s abandonment of a romantic world. Hyperrational Randians and skeptics and atheists might all be at each other’s throats, but it just further reinforces the “truth” of objectivism. To (80% of) men, a ‘one-night stand’ is never just that. Love making is just that – we sow our seeds into the field praying for a harvest. It is subconscious, and it is physical. When a woman refuses to say “I love you” back – you can feel a hundred generations of inbreeding 3rd cousins pounding at the walls of existence. We feel this in the loop of original sin; we are trapped in an impressionistic world; and trying to sort it out rationally, only reverts us to the funkopop collecting soyboys Justin Trudeau wants us to be. The existential hero would rather commit a murder-suicide, than see the woman he loves fall for the sin of the 20. You’ve seen section 8 housing in some of the most expensive locations in this country. You deny your anger so as not to be austosized as “racist”, but it isn’t racist. It is RETARDATION. WHO DO YOU GO TO, TO FILES SUCH A GRIEVANCE? THE 9-11commission.gov? They are happy to feed you any lie, sell you any product, gamble away your life savings at the behest of the value of the dollar; because Y O U A R E N O T H I N G ! Get fucking angry. I can’t advocate for violence on this platform, but IS THERE ANY OTHER SOLUTION? For the thousandth time, no voting is not an answer. I will be [redacted] involving 9/11. As much as they try to micromanage society into sterile swine, they are terrible [redacted]. The truth about 9/11 is this country’s best chance for a new start – the decapitation of every lobbiest, dual-citizenship congressman, the entire CIA, etc. Feel your father’s blood. It wants you to get fucking laid, and every double-dealing kike is stopping your from pharohdom.

“How do we stop the One World digital currency controlled via social credit economy we are heading toward?”

There are answers people are open to and like, and there are real answers that achieve real goals. The go-to is always “protect your family, connect with your community, don’t bend the knee for totalitarianism” — but the truth is, this only delays the inevitable. Much like current conservatives, most of our values would be considered completely socially liberal 30 to 40 years ago — and all we do is slow that ever changing horizon. You can try to protect your children and the next generation by placing them in private school and distancing them from the internet, but all it takes is one little pocket — one small unforeseeable crack to form, and all of the Zionist cultural Marxism will come through like a landslide. The only true way to remove the demonic from our country is to do just that, remove them forcefully. No democracy will ever solve that. Only the feudal autocrat can lead the natural slaves and the linear thinkers away from the forbidden fruit of class consciousness. I’m not advocating for Neo-feudal land wars — land being our birthright and dream as Americans, but rather a push towards a “Father Knows Best” society. Who are you to question your lineage, to question countless decades of thought? Same could be said of a child arguing with their father. A coup is the only real solution at this point. If this dream is yours as it is mine, then it will be a great Scythian revival. To do work and see your construction before your eyes. Industrialized society is over complicated and hyper rational — to hell with rationalism. If a man just wants to live, he shouldn’t have to look for the context to do so. So will you default,? Will you wait and see, slow societal demise where it is in front of you? Or will you fight — feed the next generation with crop fertilized with the blood of oligarchs and nihilists?