Oh the irony of giving a “gonna drop offline” post and immediately finding something to talk about. Once upon a time, I had an extra steam account and added it to a number of ANTIFA and similarly aligned communist steam groups. Didn’t have any real goals, just thought it would be funny. Regardless, I stumbled upon the old, now defunct, account and decided to browse some of these groups — and fellas, we found a gold mine. When I spoke about “the spark” in my previous post, it could easily be misconstrued as the kind of ‘Boomer on the internet’ lack of self-awareness that leads them to making the same confusing, meta-ironic, early-2000s format memes. This… this is not that. This man is an absolute legend, and he has my magic. Debating in all of these comment sections — reposting the same copypastas with situationally altered diction, was one man; LeftismIsASatanicRot! He certainly made my day, and I compiled a few of his ‘best hits’ from what I could find. Currently trying to make contact but for the time being, enjoy LIASR’s wonderful verbiage and unabashed tenacity.


What is the point of any of this? Screaming into the abyss that is the internet only to catch the ears of a few redditors – maybe a twitter user now and then. This dark void started as a boys club, and much like freemasonry, it is desperately trying to rebrand. Once upon a time, a woman couldn’t post on the internet without a “tits or GTFO” reply. Now a thread is muted, the poster is banned, eight whiteknights are in the girl’s instant message, and fourteen feminist “news journals” are citing the post three years later as evidence of the “everlingering misogyny online”. There was a short time when a clairvoyant mist of arcane energy coated my brain and filled me with the Holy Spirit. I worked with passion believing that I may scorch the Earth with a mark of my existence – all of this past the age of jumping out of bed in the morning. It was a paranormal intensity that made me feel young again; it was a walking dream where I was emboldened with spontaneous Lovecraftian awareness. This is the closest I’ve been to genius, on the internet and IRL. Coworkers would often guess my IQ, after I’d give them a brief lecture of whatever it was that interested me at the time. Everything used to be so on-the-edge-of-your-seat juicy with gushing back and forth exchanges. Now these novelties have been replaced by the bottle. In some ways, I wish I had the heart to push on. I resent this feeling. “Well what exactly has changed?” you may ask. I am no longer mentally ill, and with its passing has gone all of my interest with life. How counterintuitive. The rumination has finally gone silent. What a strangely wonderful time. My intent in writing this article was to give an honest account of my experiences, and make my thinking clear. I am trying to bring back that magic, but it is not just my mind against me – but the new oligarchical internet police as well. I am surprised that this site has survived as long as it has. I cannot stand a lot of things about WordPress, but I have to give them props where props are due – they are rather lax with their ToS. This doesn’t help with the larger narrative of pushing my voice. I still stand by everything I’ve said here and where I don’t, I update posts a word or two at a time. Whatever. Expect even slower posts from now on.

Don’t take any of what I say as advocacy for closet conservativism. Perhaps a new mythology would help to build a post-dystopian modern world — one that returns to deifying Hitler’s instead of the virtue of your insufferable puritanical iron-willed stupidity. Some sort of supra-human consciousness, where the last vestiges of bipartisanship and common sense are bound by flesh and blood. A new form of supreme patriarchy, where your God, aka, me, has absolute dominion, and when I say ‘supreme’, we mean ‘divine’. Every waking moment, now, is consumed with suffering. How can we embrace the dragon that is the human condition and prosper? Prosperity isn’t in the eternal swine carnival. No more blatant soul-demolishing bullshit – at least not this weekend. Why not seek the quiet grace of ancient tribal paradise? The taboos of religion need to be shed. I have met so many people, too many have come to believe that liberals are their enemy, simply because the two do not agree on my beliefs. All is forgiven. I have enjoyed debauchery, lust, jealousy, envy, they are human emotions after all. There is nothing wrong with emotions. It is only when they are rationalized by the “I love everyone”-left, that it spirals into a linear beam focused on child molestation. We’ve mythologized the idea of freedom in the minds of the youth with “I have a dream” speeches and the falling of the Berlin Wall. It turns out that the most evil, self-righteous, blight — that permeates like an analgesian aerosol, was democracy. It strips you of the capacity to see through the fog of delusion. It is the embrace of the Great Retard — a human mutt amalgam of socially destitute outcasts from the absolute depths of wickedness. They don’t know what love is, they don’t know what liberty is, they don’t know what suffering is. These are all fluorescent ideas they’ve only seen expressed through seasonal anime. Entire families, of primarily women, sucking at the tit of the rabid wolf. He serves only the lowest common denominator, and nourishes them with anti-anxiety pills. They grow an all-night-cannibalistic hunger for the destruction of pre-established norms. Their heartless exuberance at the sight of Mr. Mailman dropping off the monthly tug-boat — like a vulture agitated and impatient waiting for the lion to finish his deserved supper. My speech may sound niggling, but did you earn your meal either?


Are there nondegen women still out there? Anon-to-anon, the desperate search for a woman unpolluted by the microchemism of cultural marxism, almost seems more degen – like, there is this archetypal wojak tradgirl in a wheatfield waiting for me. Maybe you may see one out in the wild but the reality is she is a poseur – it is a facade. She is a trender, nothing more than a soulless TikToker “rocking the niche traditionalist aesthetic”. She will turn through mom’s old photo album looking for thrifting inspiration, one week; then teary-eyed scrolling #louisvuitton, she will be daydreaming one of eight Fifty Shades of Gray-esque wishfullfilment/rape fantasies beamed down from Saturn, the next. Scratch everything I just said – if you see this woman now, she’s likely doing the same Handmaid’s Tale cosplay virtue-signal that all judeo/globohomo poisoned women are. “Oh no buddy. That’s not a cornfield-girl; that’s a cornsyrup-girl.” I need to find a frozen proto-germanic girl in the hyperborean icecaps. “Come on man! She’s wearing a headscarf and looks so natural!” Hope is beautiful and faint – it casts a short, graceful light then leaves you again in the darkness. How many times will you be left alone in the dark? When is enough enough? Your Amazon shopping cart of gadgets can’t tide off lonesomeness forever. What will be left of Americana when all the daughters of the West are anchored by the algorithms of a Chinese attention deficit psyop? I keep my candle of hope lit. God forbid what I do when its out for good.

Edit Reddiit: We are part of a worldwide, inter-planetary ad campaign for the United Nation of Satan, alongside pajama-clad internet Marxists and Anarchists. When we debate at ends to this and that, of validity and virtue, authenticity or blunderous defect; what history and men herald is ethos. No different than the pattern of tall presidents – the masses listen to the manly man. In 80/20 headcanon, the 80% of destitute, huskless men find equally evolutionarily deadended women. They become a minority regardless because of their lack of utorises, but also a political minority. As an intermediary means of survival, we have the advent of the soycuck. He came in like a rosemary bush before a plague; smelling of pollen. It is the only viable alternative for his very role: being a spoilt child to his hyperpatriarchal grandfather. This “Big Bang” sentimentality, with regard to the phenomenology of extensive intrinsic impulsivity, is being properly fetishised and rewarded. You can see the US military’s allocation of disproportionate brainpower to retraining military personnel to function as zombies — the guppification. Now, thanks to Funkopop collecting, that capacity will be redirected towards psychopathological consumption of various material products of unknowable quality and value. They will bear the wax-like skins of prized males, never able to attract to a single Instagram alledged “trad waifu”. All you need to do is to gaze into the colorless eyes; the destitute eyes of the ventriloquist mail-order-bride Ukrainian counterfeit cam-whore. If you can stop loving, what other goal is worth considering? These girls have killed our stock. These girls have ruined our world by infecting it with a life-destroying (((mercantilism))) that came straight from the pit of hell.

As strikingly evil the Great War was – the French and Russians itching to try out all of the new weapons of war, it was still a time of epics. Not just powerful moments akin to German unification and the Romanticism movement, but the epics in art and music. Tchaikovsky rings in my ears – pulses in my veins. It is begging me to fight for my children, my country, GOD HIMSELF. What is more epic than destiny; than honor, duty? “My holy country, maintaining the constellation of Rome in our hearts”. There is nothing epic today; no full ensemble trumpeting your commute to work in your 2008 Newport Blue Subaru Outback. Even the phrase “outback” – exploring a new frontier analogous to cameling through Deutsch-Südwestafrika. It is word magic. You have been left as a man without purpose – without destiny, by modernity. You exist to wait tables and mop floors, because your forefathers never finished their genocide. You pay thousands of dollars and wait through dozens of flight delays to take vacations staring out windows from four-star hotels. When you do leave, you walk down paved roads decorated at the sides with storefronts advertising the most blown out stereotypes of your surroundings. Everything has been coated in nine layers of fairy dust, and you sneeze when you walk off your tourguide’s path. My heart aches for the blood of fathers, and my groin does the same for their wives and daughters. Snaking through these urges is the CIA implant pulsing dopamine at the sight of Gamestop Funkopops. Tchaikovsky is muted as tweenage FBI sex agents deepthroat bananas to the new Billie Eilish. Every father needs to give their son a gun, but more importantly; he needs to teach him when to pull the trigger. In the nostalgia for a life I’ve never had, the real world breaks back through and the machine like trumpeting is replaced with actual machines. Algorithmic pop songs littering the air waves – literal Satanic child raping Freemasons piercing my skull and brain, scrambling my magnetism. NSA agents hammering your emails with reddit threads hoping for a child sex response. Hold these weak men by their hands and lead them to the camps. They can learn what God wants from behind wooden doors.

In diagnosing what is wrong with people in this country – what is wrong with young men, simply ask. They don’t like paying $100 at the gas pump because your nation would rather fund proxy wars for pig nations led by puppeted kikes. Russia is demonized for maintaining traditional beliefs while Ukraine is a country all about feminism, legalization of pot, and homosexuality. “Why are you unhappy?” For most men, it is that they can’t court a woman – a society where bodies have been turned into commodities on tinder and okcupid. They can’t get laid – their bloodline ends with them. In serfdom, you’d work 20 hours a week and be a father by 15. The world is confusing. It is a technophile wet-dream where a baker’s dozen or two of unelected entities pass “regulation” after “regulation” without any sort of newsletter. WHAT I KNOW, IS WHAT IS RIGHT! Nothing makes sense in a world ruled by invisible, unknowable, untouchable autocrats. What makes sense is a world ruled by Dad. A single household, a single community, county, state, country whose actions and beliefs are dictated by the sole proprietor of God’s Will. “Oh that doesn’t make sense to you? How does ‘don’t have eight sexual partners sound?’” Many men – and by many I mean 40-60%, understand that they are a deadend. There is nothing for them but rampant consumerism and memes. What does such a system beg for? What does GOD – THE NATURAL ORDER beg for?! We shall return to monke! Hollywood has tapped into something dark and mystic. The collective consciousness of man has stumbled onto a few objective facts – the woman you love is a whore. She is the village whore – a Bianca Devins wearing the sheep’s clothes of nublity and hymeneal distractions. She is a prototypical woman, willing to serve any niche in hopes of finding instant gratification and genetically superior men. The female collective consciousness has regressed to a state before antiquity. Freedom to the average woman is a pinky ring with the power of a goddess – uttering the phrase “toxic masculinity” like a catch all for public stoning. The empowerment of women isn’t the downfall of modern man though; rather man’s abandonment of a romantic world. Hyperrational Randians and skeptics and atheists might all be at each other’s throats, but it just further reinforces the “truth” of objectivism. To (80% of) men, a ‘one-night stand’ is never just that. Love making is just that – we sow our seeds into the field praying for a harvest. It is subconscious, and it is physical. When a woman refuses to say “I love you” back – you can feel a hundred generations of inbreeding 3rd cousins pounding at the walls of existence. We feel this in the loop of original sin; we are trapped in an impressionistic world; and trying to sort it out rationally, only reverts us to the funkopop collecting soyboys Justin Trudeau wants us to be. The existential hero would rather commit a murder-suicide, than see the woman he loves fall for the sin of the 20. You’ve seen section 8 housing in some of the most expensive locations in this country. You deny your anger so as not to be austosized as “racist”, but it isn’t racist. It is RETARDATION. WHO DO YOU GO TO, TO FILES SUCH A GRIEVANCE? THE 9-11commission.gov? They are happy to feed you any lie, sell you any product, gamble away your life savings at the behest of the value of the dollar; because Y O U A R E N O T H I N G ! Get fucking angry. I can’t advocate for violence on this platform, but IS THERE ANY OTHER SOLUTION? For the thousandth time, no voting is not an answer. I will be [redacted] involving 9/11. As much as they try to micromanage society into sterile swine, they are terrible [redacted]. The truth about 9/11 is this country’s best chance for a new start – the decapitation of every lobbiest, dual-citizenship congressman, the entire CIA, etc. Feel your father’s blood. It wants you to get fucking laid, and every double-dealing kike is stopping your from pharohdom.

“How do we stop the One World digital currency controlled via social credit economy we are heading toward?”

There are answers people are open to and like, and there are real answers that achieve real goals. The go-to is always “protect your family, connect with your community, don’t bend the knee for totalitarianism” — but the truth is, this only delays the inevitable. Much like current conservatives, most of our values would be considered completely socially liberal 30 to 40 years ago — and all we do is slow that ever changing horizon. You can try to protect your children and the next generation by placing them in private school and distancing them from the internet, but all it takes is one little pocket — one small unforeseeable crack to form, and all of the Zionist cultural Marxism will come through like a landslide. The only true way to remove the demonic from our country is to do just that, remove them forcefully. No democracy will ever solve that. Only the feudal autocrat can lead the natural slaves and the linear thinkers away from the forbidden fruit of class consciousness. I’m not advocating for Neo-feudal land wars — land being our birthright and dream as Americans, but rather a push towards a “Father Knows Best” society. Who are you to question your lineage, to question countless decades of thought? Same could be said of a child arguing with their father. A coup is the only real solution at this point. If this dream is yours as it is mine, then it will be a great Scythian revival. To do work and see your construction before your eyes. Industrialized society is over complicated and hyper rational — to hell with rationalism. If a man just wants to live, he shouldn’t have to look for the context to do so. So will you default,? Will you wait and see, slow societal demise where it is in front of you? Or will you fight — feed the next generation with crop fertilized with the blood of oligarchs and nihilists?

You know chimpanzee’s, our closest DNA relative, don’t masturbate in the wild but only in captivity. What does this tell us about men? Have they been domesticated? Masturbation is against our nature – or at least our primal-nature. This always devolves down into the typical “dogs eat shit” and “Kenyan gay giraffes” argument arguing nature good or bad. The typical depictions of Greys, the aliens with the huge head while the rest of their bodies are frail, is a sham. It is a government deployed hoax, one the reinforces the idiotic argument of brains versus brawn and promotes boomer comicstrips of dork nerd losers slinging one-liners at football players like a tonedeaf interpretation of the death of the Sixteen Candles popularity ranking. True inner peace is a oneness of body, mind, emotion, and spirit – not a Skyrim character creator of one extreme to the next. It is pure negligence. Anyone who disagrees is a skinny-fat reddit twerp with a PHD in Internet Debate with a minor in Sargon of Akkad. Why do you think Jesus is always depicted with washboard abs? To the same logic, nature and nurture must be at balance. Through studying the world of God and the sciences he has bestowed upon us, we now know that “you don’t eat shit”. But in that same vein, no amount of emotional interest, hyper-logos, “the heart wants what the heart wants” should stop us from mating with our third to tenth cousins. Oh yeah I said it. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again; the mutt is not the healthiest dog, and anyone saying that is retarded or getting paid. Ask anyone that breeds showdogs. Your genetics must pass on. Maybe read the exordium if you want more; I am tired. Nature escapes hyperrational, objectivist hellscapes – it sews you with the seeds of your three fathers. It begs you for a return to autocratic warlords and blood. “I want the blood.” Drop off the grid. Find a community. Get back up. How long will you tickle your penis, live with your mother, eat Wendy’s, etc? Counter-culture is the culture, and it is for one simple reason – all of western society has been viewed through the eyes of the clergy. We murder in the name of our God’s. Now with no God to turn to, the reddit atheist looks for answers. It is a world of guilt – a tragedy where you are an inhuman, inevitable villain like disease or old age. There is no centralized moral structure that can advocate for doing anything. Our new God isn’t new at all. He is the father that taught our forefathers; he is the soil our roots are grown from. You have to hunt the good stuff, and for most healthy individuals that means family. Destroy the brutalist cities in our romantic jihad. Show the next generation the warm embrace of Gaea. The sun and its enlightenment are faraway now – at this moment, man needs to see the will of Gaea. The mother, our Earth, dawns ever closer to her next menstruation. The thirteen thousand year clock is about to hit midnight. The fourth turnings end breathing new life with the age of Aquarius – the NWO guided by the dark soul-sucking force of the machine elves. The golden-armed Surya-Savitri’s three fires will light the faces of all somber-eyed serfs. Don’t look to them for the grace of Mother, they harbor the lightning of passion and the speed of alacrity. The Hagelian systems of corrupt politicians will fall with the Babel of the internet. The nomads of the Earth will finally be halted to die where they have no roots. Never look to the Greeks or the equally homosexual Romans – look to the Goths. Their influence will not die in the Black Sea. You’ll taste the iron in your blood with the rise of the next Tubal-cain – but this time he comes to enact the will of the Mother. Our kin and their kin thereafter will all drink the blood of giants, for that is how much we shall spill. Our Aztec ritual will turn warriors of all soyboys and mothers of all dykes. The Sun and Lightning shall meet at the precipice of all Martian ambition and bring silence to the night. No Facebook Metaverse, no flying cars – only man in his return to the unpredictable. Cynics will lay as our antithesis, so stop watching Rick and Morty.

All human perception is done through contrast. It is a trait of our eyes, then a trait of our minds. Without contrast, there is no good or bad, right or wrong, heaven or hell. This is why neither heaven nor hell exists – at least not in the average Tiphareth path person’s perceptive. But is the average person even on Tiphareth anymore? It feels like after covid, the average braindead idiot has degenerated to a level below peasants in pre-modernity. Maybe this is the next class, one where the oil and water have separated, and the natural slaves wear “Fauci Ouchie” tattoos as armbands. Their ideas of heaven and hell can continue to exist as a stark contrast of black and white. One thing I do know is that, hell and servitude to the beast would be a world of pleasures and torment – where the once gentle transition from working, to sleeping, to waking up; would be replaced with a BPD-rollercoaster of highs and lows, panic attack to panic attack. A world of only torment and a world of only grace are identically antithetical to everything human. They would both reduce to nothingness, which might as well be the same as atheism – just fading from existence as your last synapse melts and the oscillation of your brain waves return to the noise floor. The beliefs stem from egoistic, species-centric thinking – the same thinking that destroys animal habitats claiming the land as their own and Randian, objectivist narcissism. RICH LIBERAL HYPOCRITICAL JEWS – that’s who you need to look at. Jews have a level of dogma that Christians are constantly struggling to achieve. Jews are connected in a way that is almost like a hive consciousness. The idea that God is a man, implies that Earth was made for man – for him to exploit and destroy to his own gain. Do you seriously think there will be no consequences? I am not attacking conservatives here – just asking questions. Fossil fuels certainly aren’t scarce and aren’t going anywhere… despite how much the MSM and Texaco would like you to believe. So then if we are destroying the planet, how? Degenerate negro rap, the perpetuation of a nephilim corporatocracy state, the rape of the Lumerians, Denver Airport concentration camps, property tax – the ruling class has taken by example the rule of the military dictatorship. The war-fighter arming of our police forces, they own us. Things like property tax exist to keep us accountable. You can’t live without putting into the global economy. Klaus Schwab wants you to eat a poop sandwich. By keeping every citizen accountable, paying property tax and working social security taxed jobs, you can keep an eye on them and prevent another Ted Kaczynski. You are owned, and there is a $500k collateral on your head. In the gaslight nation, questioning any of “the science” as dispensed by Fauci was and sometimes still is punished by prompt “cancellation” on social media – the complete expungate of your identity. You are wiped from existence. The internet is the new Tower of Babel – reaching for the highest peaks of knowledge and education while always falling to degeneracy and rampate masturbation – a constant circle-jerk of government-employed 30 y/o’s grooming teens into their fetishized dick-girls with promises of endless Valorant matches and a credit cards for gas. FUCK YOU. You are the reason we aren’t waking up. Join the slave class while I massacre the elites. Suck your thumb until the day you die. I am your father now.

Women will serve to fill any niche to their own benefit. It is a split second decision and surprisingly not one that haunts them. With the average woman’s warped pleasure-reward greymatter turned to soot, casually torturing men while degrading themselves leaves zero impact. “What’s the big deal with getting pricked by a thorn when seconds later I’m handed thousands of dollars?” When it comes to pornographic markets – Honestly, even beyond that; women can advertise themselves beyond the status of sex symbol, a new virtual surrogate mother, girlfriend, wife; leading incels, normies – all of the genetically inferior men, to a life of pay pigging. Even if they aren’t rich or have no money whatsoever, they pay with their time – Their lifeforce. This card can be played and warped any which way; into streaming, vlogging, elevating themselves to “influencer” tier. Again, it doesn’t matter what the niche is – could be ex-alcoholics, pedophiles, Neo-Nazis (just about anything, ie. most women that “watch” anime to do all the silly cosplays); gamers and incels are the most obvious go-to, but the fear of stalking in most prevalent in those circles. “Tehe I am so quirky, check out my Dylann Roof cosplay LULZ.” These women are deranged. When Ethan Crumbley starts quoting Oppenheimer, it is because he is seriously, mentally damaged and planning on killing lots of people. When the quiet kid does the same thing, it is because he wishes he could do the same – Or he’s just being edgy. When @polytheisticBPDgf, @esotericeliza, and @mkultrafemcel does; it is quickly followed by an OF plug or a youtube link – when it isn’t, it is either a fed or individually-run honeypot. In the latter case, be prepared to either get SWAT’d or be politely asked to come into your local police station on “your own accord.” There is a reason why these are so successful – a new generation that never read the TOS to being a male internet user. The internet was made by men for men, and sadly the days of “Tits or GTFO” are over. Now, twerps run wild in a world of e-dating, free porn, and an endless stream of youtube dopamine. Believe me, any 100% rational woman would do these things. It is the fastest way to retirement in current year. These women in sub-cuties, the bimbos, the basement-dwellers have developed into an actual threat. These women will dox you. This isn’t the laborer’s paradise of the left – this is a patreon-only economy advocated by objectivism, libertarian freakshows. Hard Work means shit when you can grab a man by his testicles while picking through his wallet. Women further affirm their parasitic nature. Don’t interact with women online, don’t watch pornography, don’t spend your money at female-owned businesses, don’t reveal any weakness to women, don’t stop fighting.