Paraemotional Interest and Linear Thought

The roots of human understanding is contrast. Recognizing a pattern of light refractive differences from water and an alligator or grass and a snake; it helps us survive. Microevolution is to thank. People’s unable to recognize such simplistic departures aren’t part of our modern gene pool. Categorization and comparison helps us to understand ourselves, eachother, the world and the greater universe.

The universe has been cooling for hundreds of millions of years, and one thing that remains constant across that span of time is that the universe breeds novelty/complexity. From atoms to molecules, solar systems and planets, cellular life to multicellular life; the universe breeds novelty. Men and women have many genetic and physically observable differences — besides the obvious.

As mammals, women go through gestation or pregnancy. Utilitarian thought would say that in a genetic scheme, a woman that lives to reproduce is good. Because of this, a “successful” woman is left relatively vulnerable for the majority of her adult life. Men on average are stronger than women for this reason. “Successful” men have to provide (to clarify, this is all from a prehistoric caveman esq perspective as we are talking about the development of current biological differences) for
their mate.

This same aspect can, to a much lesser extent, be applied to race. Some might boldly disagree with this. “It isn’t a biological phenomenon, it’s a social myth”. Given that, to a certain degree of certainty, a DNA test can tell you your race; I disagree. Not to mention face level observable differences like bone structure, muscle density, and skin tone. Outliers exist in most sets, but averages are still very important. Maybe average intelligence?

The Bell Curve (1994) sites a 50/50 genetics/environmental correlation for IQ. Under more “natural” circumstances, this would be 100% cultural. Racial phenotypes form from geographical distance. People adapt to their circumstances. People’s living in Northern Europe will have to be better at time-dependent problem solving. “We’ll salt this amount of meat, make clothing for warmth with this, etcetera etcetera”. In layman’s terms, African prospects required quantity over quality in terms of offspring — throwing everything at the wall and seeing what sticks.

Western life and whiteness is the most novel thing thus far. Anything that expands complexity is good, anything that retards it is to be looked at very closely. Consider it an appeal to nature — fuck you. “Diversity is our strength”. I fully agree with this statement. Diversity is one of the most wonderful things in the world. It plays back into the contrast that our minds are built around. I love the zoo as well as the aquarium. They neatly display a few of the plentiful wonders that exist on our blue marble — but what if it wasn’t so neat? What if someone got lazy? “Let’s save room and put all the fish in one tank”. This would not only make it harder to find things, but much more importantly all the fish would start killing each other. Sometimes this is normal; typical predator prey situations. But other times, it is because that geographical gap has been broken.

All emotions exist on the spectrum of fear and love. All fear is a fear of death, and death makes us afraid of the unknown. The uncertainty has consumed more lives than any plague. “No when you die ‘a,b,c’” “Fuck you; when you die ‘x,y,z’”. When put into high stress situations, people instinctively turn to the people that “look like them” — it is our nature. It is a trait we have adopted, not from “evil” culture but, from racial dimorphism.

If you had a cool dad or cub scout leader or teacher, you’ve likely heard the phrase “it (in reference to an animal) is just as afraid of you as you are of it”. Animals act out much like us. The one tank aquarium would quickly diminish. To preserve diversity requires “boundaries” — rather diversity is at risk, so we need to preserve/bring back boundaries.

By race mixing, we destroy the racial and cultural diversity that makes our world and universe so wonderful. An aquarium would cease to function if all the fish were put in the same tank. A painter would lose his palette if all of the colors were mixed together.

Maintaining/expanding novelty isn’t hard, rather there are forces working against it — a narrative. We rationalize these perspectives with linear thinking. When you assemble an engine, a novice will follow the step; 1 then 2 then 3 etcetera. But then ask the novice what any of it does — what any of it is. Someone more adept will see the pieces of the engine not as steps waiting to be followed, but systematically/cyclically. The pieces come together as part of a greater system. This same logic can be applied to every aspect of our lives. Sadly, not many do.

Systemic thought has been eroded. Anyone who grew up with Common Core can concur — assuming they have managed this far. Think the slippery slope fallacy… no don’t. No question has a true yes or no. It is the imprecision of our language. It is impressionistic and hazy. Our language is ill-prepared for inner dialogue, let alone any intelligent dialogue.

A picture isn’t worth a thousand words; a picture can’t be described. You can talk about it for days and no one will ever get the full picture — yet a computer can. A computer can manage because it speaks a different language. We walk the line of romanticism and logic. It breeds rumination. People groups are being pushed together. Watch any current year news program. America is the melting pot of ideas — even the Melting Pot is a stolen idea. Our politicians are all lobbyists, the media is completely owned by a single group of people, the Bilderberg Group, neuro-linguistic programing and subliminal propaganda. Complete regression to cattle. “Work, wage-slave!” ; “Race-mix, goyem!”. True dialogue has been obliterated.

Animals are in a constant struggle against the environment. We aren’t. We are “advanced”. Instead of worrying about the next meal, I am worried about moving to an even bigger house — owning an even faster car. Why do we need a social hierarchy anymore? The CEO of your company may have entire rooms of their house that go mostly untouched while homeless veterans shiver on the streets. If this were a lion pack, the homeless would be helped by the ones with more than enough home.

Communalism is dead. We are now all obsessed with our own material advancement. Most of us aren’t struggling, yet we don’t help those who are unless they are family. A close-nit family is always more cohesive; the same is true for a close-nit people. Whether or not you will acknowledge it, I will tell you the truth; you aren’t helping the homeless man (really helping, a dollar doesn’t count) because he doesn’t look like you. You are reacting with fear rather than love. You give him a dollar to make him go away.

When your father took you to the playground, do you think he loved you or the other kids there more? “Me obviously”. Does that mean he hates the other kids there? “No obviously”. It is because you are kin. Try, in your mind, to apply that same unconditional love to your “greater” family — your race. Expansion of thought from other cultures is still very important, but that is why colleges and events like the Olympics exist.

You can definitely still help other countries, but not before helping your own kind. It is simple protectionism. When a bully does a transgressive act against me, I think “fuck that guy”. When my friend/family does a transgressive act against me, I worry. “Jesus dudes what’s going on?”. You worry because you love. The people that get most upset with the countries they live in, are the people that love their countries the most. When my brother falls, I fall. Seeing race as another system in the novelty of this novelous universe is key.