Just generally sick of hearing “kill all men” — everyone saying they have a different reasoning and explanation as to why/what they are saying and I’m just like “mf would you kill George Floyd?” Mostly just sick of women saying outrageous things to get attention, but what else is new? The worst is when they have justified to themselves that what they are saying is correct, ie “we don’t mean actually commit murder and kill all men – we’re saying kill what it means to be a man. Toxic masculinity.” The implication there is that all masculinity is toxic; and even if that isn’t the point, you could say the exact same thing about toxic femininity or toxic black communities — but the second you say “kill all women”/”kill all blacks”, someone is going to want your head. The blatant hypocrisy and double standards rampant in the world right now is evidence of a decline in IQ (not education). A lot of these crazy politics are coming from the top. All these men are fucking whipped these days. Women have just as much power in this world as men- they just have it in very different ways. less immediately apparent ways. just as it can be easy to say “the world is ruled by men” when you look at, say a list of US presidents, it is easy to say “men are stronger/smarter than women”. We know the second to be not true. On average men are stronger than women, but that is not only the case. Point being that these “power structures” are both easily identified while we all know that men aren’t better than women. women can do/are better than men in a number of tasks and the same can be said for the power structure of our planet. empires have risen and fallen because of the actions of lone women. so please just stfu. Daji was Zhou’s wife. She was so beloved by Zhou that he would fulfill her every request. So, she would ask him to have people tortured because she got off on that. Daji had an affair. Zhou killed a whole bunch of people, and the people had an uprising from all of the peasants Zhou had been torturing for Daji. In the simplest caveman society scale, if a woman needs food and she is not as strong as the man who can get the food — she still gets food because she has power over the man. The “fairer sex” has an undeniable amount of power over men. Biology is solely a standard for creating an average case. Yes, there are women that are stronger than some men. Yes there are men that are better caretakers than some women. point being that each sex has inherent strengths. I see them to equal out. You on the other hand don’t value the strength women have over men. the way you see it is unless a woman has an electoral position over a man, then she is not equal. women can take power just as men can be caretakers. a society full of male caretakers and women in position is fine- assuming everything is still getting done right. point being that you have said everything short of “biologically men are better than women” and you’ve done nothing to defend that besides saying “uh well it is degrading to women”- nigga there are women that love sex work. is that a degrading job? not necessarily. the fairer sex has that power to do sex work and to do it good. The same goes with women with power over men in other ways. if you looked at the world as a whole and chose the strongest people, 99/100 it is going to be a man. There is nothing wrong with the one woman. I see it as a good thing. She is better at biology. The same can be said for women in gov’t. it is a good thing if they are good for it, but that will not fit the “average case” and you’re not acknowledging their power as anything other than degrading. Power and control in the world is often something full of nuance. Women especially have powers in nuanced ways. Just as all peoples are equal in different ways — so are men and women equal. Don’t move the goal post; you know I’m right.