Attempting to justify the existence of freewill gets harder everyday. The assumption is that since our minds run of electrical impulses and chemical reactions, those things govern our thought processes. They believe consciousness exists less to make decisions but rather to justify them after the fact. Many studies have already shown that most decisions are made in split seconds. For example, look at a dating app like tinder. People swipe on who they find attractive and not; and this decision is made mostly instantaneously. The problem with these theories is that they assume that we already fully understand the universe — that if a strong enough computer was made we could simulate the entirety of the universe. Having a knowledge of the effect that our perception has over the fundamental gears of our universe, I fail to understand how one could illuminate their life without a love of god. You think that it is a chance that solely humans have the power to control probability in a cause-effect universe? Humans do not have free will in the traditional sense. 10th dimensional probability particles control the decay of radioactive atoms; the origin of choice. If you take all of the data for our universe, you could attempt to solve everything but would fall short because of the power of perception. Every event in our lives — everything we have ever experienced, has led up to this moment. Our actions are guided by the stimulus of neurons in our brains. The decay of atoms is the only true “random” thing in this universe.; thus if free-will is to exist, it would be our souls in the 10th dimension as probability particles. The start conditions for our universe and the decay of atoms as observed by the humanities are the control group for the equation that is our universe. Nothing has probability because in a cause effect universe nothing is random. What happens happens and always will happen. You can predict the outcome of a coin flip 100% of the time if you have all the information. “What did bother Einstein was the prospect of real indeterminism, built deep into the underlying laws of physics. This kind of indeterminism would make it impossible for even an all-knowing being to perfectly predict the outcome of any event. It was this kind of indeterminism that seemed to be present in the new theory of quantum mechanics.” and the backbone of the universe and the kernel-level processes of our existence is the deterministic outcome of atomic radiation and 10th dimensional superimposed dielectric Newtonian-particles. perception is the probability that we see but time is a branching tree of not random events but random 10th dimensional events of the decisions of quasi-omniscience beings (our souls) in effecting the suggestible numeric values of our universe to our wills. The equation of our universe is incomplete because a perception of our astral selves perceiving us changes their perceptions and so on. The foundation of our universe is in the 10th dimension, Kether, where we all exist, superimposed, as probability particles. The 10th dimensional, superconscious of the humanities reigns judgement over the perceivably random pieces of our cosmic equation; decaying the atoms in our brains to last choice and statistical credence to the expanding dogma of scientific probabilitication. Mechanical super permutations of dielectric theory over the bubble of randomness defined by the vector cloud of orthonormal electrons create the observable events we calculate or attempt to, today. you lack the adequate astral control over your probable self to decay to a realization to the independency of our spectral theorem basis. you call me absurd for saying all is part of the control group but you? The humanities and our perception are the clue in for the physical systems of our universe. The eye of 10th dimensional occupancy gives illumination to the deterministic or lack thereof in our universe. You are a daft retard. Fundamental “limits” must be placed for the old ideas of determinism to be met, but now lend credence to differing arguments for a lack of control in the universe. Kochen-Specker theorem may help in understanding this, but to put in layman’s terms; the incompleteness of our current understanding shackles us from approaching a true answer for what lies beyond the 10th dimension. as a linear line of thought, 10th dimensionally we control the probability of our fates through atomic decay with eons of knowledge of past, current, future and tangent time on a multi-dimensional plane. Growing closer to this knowledge as a physical lifeform should be our cosmic goal. the illusion of free-will, which if you then calculate for perception again changes in the upper dimensions- allowing for an actual freedom of expression that does not exist in the lower planes.  

Our 10th dimensional selves are smiling. Enjoy your 4/20.