idk if I am just projecting but I feel like 90% of Christians don’t actually believe in God. Like when you are a kid you play pretend doctor and you play pretend with action figures and come up with vivid scenarios in your mind; and when you grow up you stop playing pretend and just pretend to still believe — just in different things. The idea of tradition in family values, society, culture, etc are being torn down left and right. [Redacted] posted some shit on Instagram yesterday about how being LGBTQ+ is cool if you are Christian. Nothing but backwards ass logic and quoting unrelated passages. The idea of deconstructing Christianity as to have no more traditions leaves nothing but your actual beliefs. “Oh so you might not agree with all of the rules and think some of them are just outdated, but you still belief in the death and resurrection right?” I feel like in large part, we are told by our teachers, celebrities, entertainers, mentors that I belief in anything not backed by science and logic and proof is a mentally ill view. To believe in anything that isn’t spoon feed to you is mental illness. If anything, I feel Christianity (for the most part) is purely a dogmatic thing in current year. A way to feel like part of a group and to have a somewhat solid structure for your life. Values in morals — yet these clash with the subtext of globalist media and cultural marxism. I feel like most of these “Atheist Christians” never admit it to themselves because of an impressionistic/primal fear of hell. As long as the (((narrative))) doesn’t push the idea of questioning a likelihood of a higher power too much, they will continue to be sheep. “Oh I know the big bang is a thing and I halfway believe in it — but I think God made it happen.” Seriously shut the hell up. You are down with every single foundation of your religion being trashed, but as long as they let you have “God did the Big Bang” you’re good? We are 2 steps away from an atheist society.