Should the ultimate goal of our lives be happiness? Maybe but obviously, if you happiness is at the expense of others’, that is a problem — or is it? From a utilitarian perspective, average happiness with a reasonable standard deviation is ideal, but if we factor in time as well — things get more iffy. If you ever experience a number of large life changes in a small amount of time, there is only one thing you can consistently fall back on… your “code”. Be it values, faith, tradition, etc; a core series of beliefs is all you will maintain in the worst cases. Loved ones can die — civilization can collapse, but we must remain vigilant to adversity and strong in our personal systems. America has a such code, but a very weak one — our unalienable rights. States abridging, reevaluating and redacting our second amendment; the patriot act dismantling our freedom, and the advent of the internet — ToS’s having the balls of speech in a vice. Ultimately, this in tandem with a society of selfish, apathetic idealists leads to the total collapse of western life. The children born now will never see a coffee bean nor the gracious protection and preservation of romantic symbolism and decency. A complete appeal to the natural world and the tradition that paraded with it for centennials, is the simplest and cleanest way to stop the downward spiral of progressive thought. Premarital sex may make you happy, but it’s consequences are more than you can fathom. A close-nit family is always more cohesive; same is true for a close-nit people. The universe has been cooling for hundreds of millions of years, and one things that remains constant across that span of time is that is that the universe breeds novelty/complexity. From atoms to molecules, solar systems and planets, cellular life to multi-cellular life; the universe breeds novelty. Western life and whiteness is the most novel thing thus far. Anything that expands complexity is good, anything that retards it is to be looked at very closely. Hegelian dialectics is a hoax. Hegel was paid by the German gov’t during WWI to create pro-war propaganda and philosophy. Synthesis is not a perfect fusion of two unlike things — it is compromise. When one is preaching the Lord’s word, compromise is always defeat. Synthesis exists in gene pools too. By race mixing, we destroy the racial and cultural diversity that makes our world and universe so wonderful. An aquarium would seize to function if all the fish were put in the same tank. A painter would lose his palette if all of the colors were mixed together. Birds of a feather flock together. Blue birds with blue birds, and red with red. It is pure novelty. All races of men are not to live under the same roof. It is regressive to the will of the universe.