How much do you think I really care? I exist to create and have lulz. I’m treated like I am mentally handicapped. Whether or not that is the case, I find solace in having my beliefs echoed just as anyone else does. If said beliefs run the country into the ground, it just sounds like more opportunities to acquire lulz. Look at what is happening now. We have protesters and lockdowns, Karen’s and niggers. Life has been tumbling down but at least knowing/believing that my life had some greater meaning in the grand scheme of torment and crusade of the western way of life and its subsequent destruction, puts a smile on my face. I hate myself and everybody else. I am not loved by the world nor myself. I may never be able the reach the corners of Christ consciousness in my mind glazed by Hollywood and the like. I may never find that one true love, but at least I can play the card of nihilism and tell myself to be happy with how it all turned out.