If you aren’t “14”, you aren’t on my team. If your tiny, woman-like brain is too smoothed by Hollywood and the “dual-citizenship” elites to get that; sorry not sorry — breath in some of this Zyklon B. Better yet, save me the trip and livestream yourself mixing bleach and ammonia. The more you realize who your real friends are, the more you grow hatred for everyone else. “I’m sorry that you didn’t have a dad around to raise you, but I’m not going to explain this to you more than once” “NAZI”. God certainly does have a sense of humor — or maybe rather “they” really are his chosen people, and this is all part of the plan. Fuck that. Fuckers wake up everyday to slave away for billionaires, notice the issue and their dissatisfaction with life, and go “maybe if I vote for [insert democratic nominee here] things will get better”. Real solution? Revolution — kill fucking everyone. Even Ted Kaczynski is pen-pals with Greta Thunberg. So that is solution one, the one most people wouldn’t like. Solution two requires nuance, which makes it a much harder goal post to imagine. Such things lead to apathy, nihilism, and the like. Anyway, reconstruction of straight minds into cyclic minds. The end of public education — or at least a public education system moderated by Israel and liberalism. “Wow I’m leaving my child with a complete stranger, I cant believe my child has become a marxist” love or hate public school, they are the easiest way to have your child educated. your brain has been completely corrupted. You don’t see the paradox of only believing verifiable evidence in a world where evidence has been destroyed time and time again and fabrications are abundant. I try to stay more open-minded to anything that isn’t getting pushed by the (hate this phrase) fake news. Slippery-slope fallacy is a bitch; really more of an issue with language over anything else, but maybe not. If we expressed every idea as a math equation of a computer program, would it be possible to communicate at all? Who’s to say. When you read these, I hope it is a conversation. Rather it’s between me and you, or just a moment of self reflection. I hate that being able to have a remotely intellectual conversation like this with some semblance of actual thought behind it is so rare. I honestly don’t know how I live being surrounded by drones who just DONT THINK. I’ve been wronged by black people. I’ve been discriminated by black people. humans are creatures superior because of our pattern recognition. for these reasons i am racist. unless a black person is nice to me, i don’t like that person. i don’t like a majority of people regardless of race. i hate almost every woman I’ve ever met. doesn’t effect my actions… maybe. I hate women. They hate me. Just looking for a girl to pee on me. PISS IN MY EYES PISS IN MY EYES. Take a bubble bath. Let me wash your thighs. X, Y, Z, etc I am rambling. This is probably my worst post yet. Why? I am not drunk right now. The female side of the mind gains from depressants — it is rather evident if you look at youth culture. Dudes just off themselves. Women love being sad. So what did we learn today? I am a threat to myself and to a much smaller extent, greater society — or maybe I am the solution, but that is probably just the individualism youth movement we’ve grown up with speaking. One that makes niggers even lazier and white kids turn sicko mode with their dad’s Springfield. Take your local libtard on a helicopter ride. Night.