Coomsumerist isn’t part of the western ideal — it has been subverted. Establishments like McDonald’s couldn’t persist with its size/prices without “dual citizenship” lobbyists. This might be a cope if you’re a (((neo-con))). The west is romantic nationalism, protectionism, federation, community, destiny, honor, creed, and white. Western ideals are what took us to the Americas and space. Unlike some places like Japan where they are happy living on one small rock and developing it full. I think most cyclic minded white people hate suburbia, but can’t leave because of job obligations. Slippery slope says that a puddle must not exist if you can’t define it — Pythagoras tried to explain the humanities with an equation. Just because something can’t be definitely defined doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist — much like western culture. Of course I want to say my culture is the best, but there’s no real way to justify that step by step or in better terms, objectively. Fixing coomsumerism is about kicking out “undesirables” and seeing where the cards fall. Masses don’t always necessarily make the best decisions. During the black plague competition for labor led to the idea of class consciousness. Same has happened in America and minds have been corrupted. If you’ve seen Nightcrawler, you know why class consciousness is bad — Rick. People kill God, seize being satisfied with their lives, and Stoicism dies. Class mobility makes happiness a never ending journey. It is the sin of comparison. We shouldn’t compare ourselves to others because there will always be someone above and below you — thus it will either make you unjustifiably happy or sad/mad. Compare yourself to your past self and try to improve instead. We are all cogs. Just work for your greater good. Try to grow closer to God, rather than to run after money. God is white and says kill jews. That’s why he sent me.