“Do not have sexual relations with a man as one does with a woman; that is detestable.” The Bible was pretty blunt about it. We are all born and die sinners, but we still need to acknowledge and at least attempt to avoid sin. “To say there’s a correct interpretation of the bible is silly”. Is there a correct interpretation of the Constitution? This is the argument for why we have textualism and purposivism — do we read the words and just the words or does context have any saying in the reality of those words? Poisoning the well a bit, but it is a mute point in an overarching idea. (((They))) are morphing Christianity (and all other religions, ideologies and creeds) to fit with cultural marxist ideas. The end of that line / the end result for the blind believer — faker is “I only still believe in the death and resurrection” “the law of the light is LITERALLY the only thing that matters”. Difficult to argue when the statement has some credence. Two points, I feel like a lot of these fake Christians don’t even believe that first half; and the law of the light doesn’t get us the tradition that honestly makes Christianity most important — from a purely Earthbound perspective. Now in the age of media and cultural marxism, the move towards a non-existent value/belief set for Christians is approaching nill. “Uh but there is no right interpretation, it is all up for debate”. Well if that were the case then someone saying that Jesus would be okay with you cutting off your dick and being a transsexual, then you would have been able to amass other people that shared that same belief through dialogue and scripture. Obviously there are other social reasons that would bar that as well, but that is getting into the weeds. Once that part of the religion is completely simplified to “dude just love everyone” which in large part it has, all that is left is a fundamental belief in a God. Contradictions a modern Christian must go through on a day to day basis… I conclude that most Christians are likely to, some capacity, be closet-Atheists. Diversity of peoples and ideas is a good thing and a collective consciousness all coming to believe the same things that I see as filled to the brim with contradictions, whether a clashing with old timey beliefs or contradictions internal to left wing ideology (ie be colorblind to race but also put some peoples on a pedestal), is a bad thing. I’d defined cultural marxism as a subversion of the western way of life towards a far-left leaning world — idk hard to put into words, but I think you know where I am going with that. The idea of 100% of society very quickly moving towards an ideology, from one that was somewhat recently highly praised, is very troublesome — especially when you still hold the original belief. It is subliminal propaganda. Honestly, in a country that is so stanchly divided in national elections (51% to 49%). we really should just divide up the country. “What traditions do you think are being thrown away too quickly in a way that is damaging?” Septum rings. No, but seriously what I was saying earlier… we parade gay couples, mixed race couples, BDSM, polygamy; but heterosexual, same-age, same-race relationships? “STOP DOING THAT! IT’S JUST AN OUTDATED ARCHAIC ROLE. YOU POOR WOMAN, YOUR NEEDS AREN’T BEING MET”. “I think that such and such 90s cartoon character is gay… for no reason” “hey you are a really cute boy… sure you arent trans” “men have just convinced you that you are a ‘tomboy’ we accept you, just come out”. It is pushing the same narrative. Obviously, people are being educated one way or another that “hey did you know that sometimes guys want to fuck other guys? that’s totally normal and cool 😎 if that’s what you want, I support you.” — everyone has had this one way or another (most most most of the time i know there are exceptions like schools that dont teach simple sex ed that could save lives), point being that if you are a cute boy and you post a pic of your cute boy face, people may and have cum. People may and have asked if he is trans. People may and have told the boy that when he said “no” it is because of “systematic oppression of trans people throughout history that he believes he is cis”. Most people are normal — sorry your sissification efforts on impressionable youth isn’t going over anyone’s head. You are a pedophile with a transvestite fetish. Do bad, die worse. I kinda just want to fart on jews — i think if you just let me fart on them we can get even. Ayn Rand is a whore cheating slav wicked cunt druggie.