become conscious of evil and hear the devil’s song

Society is going to shit. Civilization is collapsing. People may disagree — say this is the most progressive time in history. Others will say that things aren’t as fucked as they appear to be. Most of the people that open up to me are completely sane. Once you crack that egg, they tell you they don’t buy into any of the propaganda either. Sadly, this isn’t the case everywhere. Businesses have become so focused on college degrees because they want us all to go to college — to have our minds melted and sanded down dancing circles around the imprecision in our language. They want us to be having public sex, smoking crack in ghettos, all women paraded in BDSM gear. If this became reality, you would go along with it because you are a libcuck retard monkeylover dogfucker. Maybe some ancestral magic can guide us back to civility and normalcy. In the mean time, it all falls into your hands. Will you act or will you malinger? Everyday our bodies weaken and our minds become frail. You aren’t to blame — you have to see paradoxical morons at work, at the store, maybe even at home. It is time to get cooking.