You are dead. You are a shell and a husk of a man. Your actions are derived solely through determinisms placed by advertisers. Bacon wasn’t even breakfast food until we were “told” it was healthy. There isn’t even one set palette of diet to apply to people. It is acknowledged with diabetes — but not race. “No because all races of man are the same; the human race.” It is almost like testosterone is declining. Is that because we are telling Aryan men to eat white chicken breast? It certainly isn’t helping. The same laissez-faire types, that want to defund the police, are down with being brainwashed by known bad actors in industry. Cultural marxism tells capable women to get abortions because it is “empowering”, and so does the guy that owns the abortion clinic. “I was raped when I went to a drug filled house party!” Shut up before I rape you for real. Hypocrisy is nothing new to women or business; for both, there will always be a bent knee ready to bow to retardation. Tournament mating works identically to monopolization. Lower the testosterone, bimboify them — this is how any amount of moral tact disintegrates. Did you know that a DNA test can gauge how much you enjoy ASMR? It’s true. What race do you think likes ASMR the most? I haven’t got a clue either. On the other hand, look at IQ distribution versus lactose intolerance (image above). What do you have to say to that you sussy baka globalist? “hunter biden? phfff still not as bad as not giving out free Insulin” the western ideal has been altered and twisted beyond repair — faggotry, cuckoldry; each passing generation leaves the west more broken and hollow. All of these social policies and handouts have an end. Look at Russia where the population is too drunk to do anything. NEETs eat tendies and pump their brains with a never-ending stream of dopamine through the internet and masturbation. Society is crumbling around us. I don’t know why anyone would defends the constitution as a means of enforcing anything. Everyone seems fine with letting it be shat on and torn. Socialists are slaves to the government. Your democratic abilities mean little against braindead masses begging for “more gibs”. You libs are so quick to jump to the holocaust parable of “first they came for x then they came for y”, well what if they first came for the rich and successful — the ones pure of heart and ethic. Men who made it in the post-capitalist wasteland (small business owners). Everyone knows it isn’t the Bezos or the Gates that are having their taxes raised, its the Puerto Ricans immigrant dentist who just started his own practice. Just because you have no intention to live your american dream to the fullest, isn’t any excuse to pull others down with you. joe biden molests his own kids and he plans to do they same to america. Guy can’t even go for a drive without having to fake it with a second wheel in the car.

The idea that we are all destine to do great things, and that you must stride for as such. Compliance is not an option — venture the world with rigor and passion. The will over all else. Mind over matter.