“just stumped into the weirdest fucking rabbit hole. I was on lainchan which is a site full of super techie guys, right. Browsing some threads as I do, and I stumble across a pic of someone’s thinkpad. It was cloveros installed on it. It is a fork of gentoo linux which is an obscure linux distro that 4chan g idolizes. I start looking at the cloveros website. I’ve been there before but I’m just curious to see if anything has been updated. The site is pretty barren. Doesn’t look like it has been updated in a few years. I decide to go back to my search. I remember that the people that make cloveros were trying to get it added to distrowatch- a website that archives information about different linux distros. Scrolling down my search, I see a result for 8kun. ‘Damn I forgot that existed’. I assume that it is likely a thread or post on g or tech. Wrong. It is a thread in a cloveros board. ‘Hmm- oh I remember this.’ I’d been there before- years ago, back before 8chan got eradicated. I am looking at the threads and actually begin to remember a few. Idk if they had been archived and reuploaded after the site went down or if people had just been making the same threads after the fact. I come across a thread from just a few months ago. Zero replies. Embedded youtube video. ‘I’ll just leave this here. And you will click it. And you will watch it.’ I click on the video. Video made around the same time. 2K views. Still cartoon girl, reminiscent of the red head from Gravity Falls, standing in front of a beautiful mountain town; wasp clothing and an armband with a strange symbol. A poorly animated mouth starts reading some 4chan copypasta of a chick showing a hkvirgin her tits, all text to speech. Uninteresting video. 20 comments. 45 likes. 41 dislikes. Subcount hidden. Something had me strangely pulled in though. I decide to look at the channel. Has around 14 uploads. Most recent hours ago. Oldest, 2 years. Nothing but still animations and text to speech….”
20200830 me before I discovered murdoch murdoch
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=99eXdeI2MM4 weird ass video referred to