Given a Darwinist perspective, since white people and black people still continue to exist with destruction of physical barriers, both groups are equal. Neither is extinct. They both continue to exist because, the sum of their attributes are equal. There is no empirical way to measure the value of a people group — especially considering the diversity that can exist in any one people group. Of course I want to say my people are the best, but doesn’t everyone? If you support the idea of diversity of people and ideas, you cannot support globalism or open-borders. Colleges have always existed as a place for people to come together and exchange ideas and always will. An idea that has died in, recent time, is the idea of the existential hero. I want to stand for something greater than myself and see that change before my eyes. Do we fight for an antiquitarian view of freedom and of greater good and of resisting daily temptations and sin, or do we fight for the postmodern freedoms of the pursuit of person pleasures, abundance, and skive? The truth is that most people want to continue to be slaves to vice, and to try and resist it today would mean the death of your ability to socialize. How could I ever go about having a normal conversation with co-workers if I didn’t watch anime, porn, NASCAR, or Fox? Beyond that, people identify with their kinks too. Exploration of kinks is like trying to draw a map for a rogue-like. You can be a slave to consistent moral behavior or you can be a slave to impulse. Which is it? Now the issue with your answer is that your morality works to justify and defend and tolerate and enable everything that is impulsive. The pursuit of pleasure is slavery to a master with a limitless appetite. We must restrict people’s ability to follow vices to make them truly free. To mindlessly seek pleasure is to be malfunctioning automata. You are reinforcing inconsistent moral principles by trying to make a society formed around vice and sin. The master of the sinner is inconsistent and incoherent — when you are watching porn, one second something may be very appealing and that changes the next moment. If you are not governed by moral principle and reason, you are governed by impulsion and retardation. A free person is someone that is not beholden to inborn or acquired desires. Stop rationalizing your impulses and admit you have a problem. Your impulses are not your identity. Trust me, you still exist outside of your preferences. Heroism is clouded in the modern day. How is a man to display chivalry and save a woman from a life of debauchery, when ever girl these days is depressant to hit rock bottom? How is a man supposed to maintain the angelic and fair nature of women, when woman have discarded that POSITIVE label all together as “dated” and “misogynistic”? When I see the new “fixed” and modern family, it is like window shopping on a life I could never have. I feel hatred for the lifestyles that have rejected me, and I feel like that is completely reasonable. Westernization was to give life purpose — purpose higher that survival of self, family, community, etc; the West is romantic and compassionate. It is the same drive we feel to wash seals after an oil spill. Right now, the seals of the West flock towards the oil spill of cultural marxism, microchimerism, and sin; and to try and resist is to fight “progress”.