Sorry, it has been a minute. Been getting oddly tangled up lately. Writing has and will continue to be slowing down. My personality has been drifting recently. Thought I’d talk a little more on race mixing because it seems to be the thing that goes over most people’s heads. Watched a Ted Talk yesterday — Asian liberal arts student (uuugh) talking about the struggles of being an Asian woman in the age of online dating. Her thesis was all over the place; it makes sense when you consider that she is forming an argument not only to defend her actions, but to brigade every possible action she could take. “I am being objectified and fetishized because of my race” well you are using meet’n’fuck apps so that makes sense. When I look at a picture of someone, the first thing I see is the color of their skin. When I see Annabelle with her no bio, the only conclusions that I can draw about her is that she is Asian and to assign Asian stereotypes. I have to make some assumptions about her — otherwise I would be wasting my time talking to people I really shouldn’t be dating (ie asking the black girl drinking purple drank her opinion on abortion). Girls come to these apps without personalities other than “I like having fun” “I like XYZ music” “must be this tall to ride”, none of which are personalities. When I date a girl, I almost feel the need to make her discover herself. Post-modernity has already left all of these women so shallow and empty, telling them the things they would have been interested in are outdated and stereotypical. Then, all these women can bring to the table is their sex and sexuality — and just like a new car, its value is halved after the first owner. If you don’t want to be fetishized, date Asian men and develop yourself. People are depressed and broken and think a relationship will fix all of that. Honestly it is such a complex and dense issue. “What?? Asian women get the most likes on tinder?? How do we end racism??” We live in a world where race mixing is good. We’ve all heard the mutt story more than enough times. What you aren’t told is the truth — that the second cousin leads to the healthiest showdown (while also not looking abominable). I feel bad for the hapa guy, not that it is a race exclusive issue. Maybe Rand’s mating sheds weren’t that bad. If you came here for a concise argument/dialogue, you came to the wrong place. There are so many levels of ignorance in addressing these issues. Imagine that I want you to bake me a cake, but I tell you you have to substitute the milk, eggs, sugar and flour. You can certainly still attempt to make a cake, but it would be much easier to ask why. There is zero transparency in these issues. You don’t get to ask questions because that makes you racist. “Well I am racist, could I get an answer?” To admit that is to put yourself beyond dialectics — white men are the terrorists of the current age. This smooth brained Asian, her head whistling in a crosswind, can acknowledge that acts against her made off the distinction of race are racist; while justifying stereotyping other groups. This is regression. I’m getting a bellyache just watching this video. I don’t understand how internet skeptic types can use sexual dimorphism as their COD primary weapon and run and hide when someone mentions “race realism” SPOOKY! These people are a civilization destroying plague of locusts. Nihilism am I rite? Bazinga! What if when Jim Parsons got gay married he turned to his husband and said “bazinga I hate gays” and killed him? These people look for implicit meaning in the idea of life having no meaning. They think there is an overarching taste of dramatic irony that overcasts the universe. There has been an expression for that for a long time — God has a strange sense of humor. That is the gist of it. It is an atheist problem. The iconoclast of modern liberals, progressives, feminists and atheists has the most artificial, backhanded, counterfeit, double-dealing views on the humanities, only upheld by weak arguments for historical relevance and “examination of social, cultural and legal issues”. “I’m not a steadfast retard. I just refuse to acknowledge opinions and beliefs that question modern liberalism and enlightenment age egalitarianism”. The culture wars have popularized sexual deviancy and de facto state parenthood — and it is seen as a fight, not only against western ideation, but as a total affront to God. While it can be fun to hold people to their own standards and lambast modernity, the reality is that only religious people have standards. The only standard that the modern atheist has is appeal to state, “equality”, and anything else that lets them continue raping kids in their synagogue of Satan. You aren’t starting the revolution, you are soliciting nudes from minors.