You have courage to be here. When you read these, you are participating in the questioning of the powers at be. There is an invading army of fanatical belief. You have been emasculated by modernity. There is no home for you in this changing world; this is our lament. So much for no taxation without representation… It isn’t like any bureaucrat mirrors my unwavering love of the west. Much like today’s Christians (maybe because they are), the conservatives aren’t conservative. They exist solely as a reactionary party. They have no foundation in their claims except to slow the ever changing landscape. How do conservatives respond? Do they push back, as is our sovereign duty? Of course not, they “adapt” to the new way and reinvigorate it like it’s our inheritance. Despicable. So it is good to have you here, a place where some men still agree in the old ways — where some men still want to fight. There are fundamental responsibilities of a nation; protecting the land, preserving our heritage and culture from opportunists. What is still united in these states? A piece of paper ripped, tattered and shit on in the wave of “progress”. The words don’t echo or resonate with the leaders nor the youth. Who is truly protected by this country? Trespassers at the border have more bequest than our people. Everything I value — you value is under siege. Our foundation was made on the rock; our beliefs, our community, destiny, honor, creed, consistency, credence, credibility, family — TRASH it is called in the ever approaching tidal wave of “tolerance”. Like a shrinking coastline, the goal post is ever moving. The benefactors are vultures feasting on the carcass of the west, the bankers that have stolen our birthright and created an obedient slave designation for every American swine. Their purchased politicians will call us what they will, but I know what you truly are. You are the start of the revolution, a path to a glorious tomorrow, an American.

God bless, brother.