Everyone is an idealist today — but only in speech. Whether or not the values we uphold are traditional ones or not, the pursuit of happiness is at the top of most of those agendas. This directly conflicts with the actions of the average American. We can be weekend warriors or internet activists, but most people aren’t doing anything to actually achieve power; rather the exact opposite. A classical hero does hard work and reaps the benefits of their time and effort. But all we really want is agency without power. To abort without consequence, the UBI, a defunded police force that can’t stop looting and shooting. Childhood continues to be extended (now into the mid-twenties) because it allows us to remain flawed. The world has become nauseatingly complex and to take away power is to return to simplicity. Regardless of what anyone says, we all choose to play with the hand we’re dealt and work within the system rather than fight against it. We value imperfection because we’re not perfect, and to idealize perfection is to worship something we can never be. Freedom of choice and freedom of consequence. It is why we have a weight problem as Americans — laziness, ignorance, rampant consumerism. While our activist selves are pretentious, our actions are a transparent lens into how we really feel — like doing nothing. We are not ambitious. We are content; rather than being slaves to our own standards. It is identical to a laissez-faire market, true libertarianism is to distance ourselves from idealism. Horseshoe theory is true to the extent that totalitarianism is born from the prevalence of idealism and morality. Collectives sharing common beliefs will limit themselves and each other in their actions based on those beliefs — the creation of governance. The strength of that government being as strong as our faith in our beliefs. A libertarian has a laissez-faire attitude towards the existence of ideals. They may have their own personal values, but no ability to perpetuate them besides indoctrinating their children. They let the world around them run it’s own course. In the same way, Biden has reneged on most of his campaign promises, and the most progressives do is whine. There is no retaliation because they love to be babied. Only by relinquishing our control over others can we find our own agency to do as we please. Of course this leads to tyranny though — that is the goal. The aristocratic class is being revived. It makes sense why most people that begin to care quickly become nihilists. The ruling class wants you to be ignorant, and you want that too.