Trannies don’t deserve human rights (this is going to be very disjointed). Is it weird for a guy to take it up the ass — like, there is a sensual spot up there. Obvi, you shouldn’t be fucking dudes, but like what if it is a chick or alternatively just some lady fingers. What if it is a chick with a dick? Well chicks can’t have dicks so…. People can be born with both but much like a kindergarten class, we must teach the average case. “We have ten fingers, count to ten”. Abortion is terrible. Don’t use a few rape victims to justify your stance on murdering children. Trannies are degenerates. Don’t use a few genetically deformed people to justify your stance on sexual deviancy. If deviancy is wrong and happiness shouldn’t always be a priority then, you can be “stoic” and just not transition — try to live a normal life. Many gay men have lived normal lives and had children. Just repress it — cuz if you don’t, you open the door for all other kinds of degeneracy. If you were to look at straight porn (don’t, try to avoid pornography), you’ll see an average of “X” fetishes per video. Fake incest, lingerie, interracial, xyz etc. If you assume that one’s tolerance for fetishes goes up for every additional fetish they acquire, then adding just one can lead to exponential growth. With this in mind if we assume that homosexuality is a fetish, then homos porn should display many more fetishes on average. Go on the gay hub and see BEAR ON TWINK ACTION BALLS PUMPED FULL OF SALINE HAIR MAN SHAVED BOY. So again, just try to avoid that stuff. Like… chill. Your immediate happiness is not worth the collapse of the west. Trannies are no different because they just give into some sort of vice or illness. At the Feet of the Master would say that all mental illness is fake and gay. Not to sound like a lib or anything, but that is kinda ableist. In some circumstances, I’d say that outside help is certainly needed. Help the people in your community — or look for help. Your friends want to see the best in you. God and I believe in you. This was a request plus I’m pretty “drumk”. Maybe this helped someone. Good luck.