When left wing degenerates, sexual deviants, autogynephiliacs and child molesters use and objectify Islamic/Mexican/Black minorities, they are using them as a moral sockpuppet for dismissing criticisms of their blasphemy and shitty ideations. The whole “right side of history” argument is an overplayed card in the book of establishing control over high schoolers and equally ignorant CHILDREN — most of which they are trying to groom and molest. Leftists will throw around phrases like “Uncle Tom” like it is their birthright. “Oh that black politician/individual is ‘catering’ to conservative talking points — what a house nigger. Do a dance for me porch monkey”. If the hypocrisy there is going over your head, you are already too far gone. If there was actually any concern for these voices, libshits wouldn’t care about them being silenced SOLEY for not holding “traditionally white” positions. Maybe the democratic party never actually changed — because besides your Richard Spencer-types, conservatives are much quicker to treat blacks like people. Progressives are pretty cool with using racial epithets like “house nigger” to describe their political opponents — and it’s not because “the democrats are the real racists” (HONK HONK) but because the left sees bigotry as the easiest way to shut down speech. Alternatively, they’ll use the argument that you are a “fake minority”; pointing out your wealth, education or immediate ancestors. In the same way that George Zimmerman is a “cracker” and an “oppressor”, as labelled by the Hispanic communities themselves, Nick Fuentes and Milo Yiannopoulos aren’t Hispanics and kikes respectively (I hate these people btw). “I don’t want the government involved in censorship but misgendering trans people should be a crime”. Suppressing speech will always be an odd topic similar to the paradox of tolerance, but simply defending speech is not always an agreement of stance. Forcing someone into silence and hiding are very different things, but this is not covered under defamation. Choosing to be silent is no one’s fault but your own. There is a marketplace of ideas and if you feel the need to silence other people, it means you are afraid of what those legitimate ideas show. Forcing restrictions on speech outside of defamation in places where you feel small and weak compared to alpha male ideologies and logical arguments without strawmen to throw slurs at, is trying to game the system. You support communism, islamicism, and interventionism for the same reasons Obama orders $65K worth of cheese pizza to the White House, you like raping children. In the same way an r9k incel sees traditionalism and thinks a return to it would get him laid, you see Sharia Law and start grool thinking about all those little boys. You hear about the Down Under and wish you were born black. You hear about Hollywood and wish you a child star. You heard about Michelle Obama and wished you passed “that well”. This iconoclast is here for little boys and girls. If you truly cared about reevaluating morality, you would be reading more Nietzsche — not watching the Dear White People. Historical significance will never matter. Positions taken, not by logic, but in tribute or respiration will always fail. Why? Because it isn’t fucking real. It is fairy dust — it doesn’t fucking exist. The next time you see someone defending one of these talking points, step back and think “does this person have sugar plum fairies in their head?”. You aren’t the main character in a Hunger Games book, you are a 28 year old man with a MAP flag in your room. Just because a few people get locked up for murder laws that didn’t commit murder, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t have murder laws — in this same respect, we have to have principles when it comes to free of speech. “Silence him! He’s anti-gay”. I’m not anti-gay. I am anti-“you being gay around people”. Whether or not the traditional household is what exists in most circumstances, that is what we should be projecting — that we are a nation of good and normal people; raising our children to be GOOD and NORMAL people. Try to treat all speech as equal. Stop using minorities as a moral soapbox to defend an ideology of sexual deviancy. Supporting racist speech is not racist — calling the black man that does a “Uncle Tom” IS. History is important. Perspective is important. Stop book burnings