I don’t like to reference current events here. When I write, I like to keep it archetypal. Think Star Wars versus Star Trek. Star Wars’s themes are fundamental to humanity, while Star Trek takes a cultural viewpoints to issues — a western viewpoint. While they both have value, Star Wars has a exponentially more marketability (or at least had) because of it.

Mostly, I don't like writing that references historical events too much -- thus your understanding of the writing relies on prior knowledge. Bronze Age Pervert does this a lot in his book. I put it down after I started googling a lot of the references to Greek mythology, and they were blatantly wrong.

But now I will break this continuity to digest a current issue from my perspective. Gabby Petito is a YouTuber who went missing in September, whilst traveling with her fiancé. Regardless of the speculation, it has made national news — and libshits have found an opportunity to use this girl’s disappearance to push a fundamentally confounded idea. “Missing White Woman Syndrome” is a term, used by social scientists, to describe disproportionate news coverage and public outcry for missing white women over any other group. This is allegedly evidence of privilege and must be fixed. This is certainly evidence of privilege, but who’s fault is it? Multimedia groups are trying to make money, and people tend to care more about white women. Well, worrying about missing people is a predominantly white trait. Whites, as parents, care more about quality of offspring over quantity subconsciously. Quality individuals are worth more in the eyes of their caretakers — especially over the “throw everything at the wall and see what sticks” African mindset. That does not make one objectively right or wrong. I know which I prefer, but that is because of my racial and cultural background. Finding missing people, chiefly women, just makes more sense in white society. I care more about missing white people than missing black people. It is subconscious and natural. Blacks generally care little — and the little they do, is likely because of being raised under American (primarily white) ideals and customs. Human nature is to protect women. Men evolved to be stronger than women to fill their rule while pregnant. Is our nature evil, or is it the media’s obligation to report everything equally? No to both. The Jewish run media cares less for blacks than the average hick. If anyone is going to care about missing blacks, it is likely already liberal whites. Don’t bite off more than you can chew. You blacks are already pampered enough.