Been wanting to address a lot of small things but have had no way to address them all in full articulate and completely rationalizing capacity. The avant-garde portions of my mind are only activated by alcohol, and I’ve been sober. I’ll jump from one statement to another with little to no reasoning. Maybe something will resonate with you. There are inherit sociological differences between races. Denial of this is denial of basic biology and science. Culture is born from these differences. It makes complete scents that a black person raised under white principles will have an underlying disequilibrium. Denial of this is denial of science. CRT is reasonable in all ways that don’t appeal to historical significance. A one world government can only be achieved by Christ. Any man’s attempt will be blastphamous. The church is the only unified house of all nations. Even if you aren’t religious, the consistent yield of this universe is novelty and complexity. The novelty of all racial groups is born from their geographical differences. As people move to colder climates, their necessities change. Again; denial of this is denial of science. The regional differences of men lead to cultural ones as well. It makes sense that a people that live off corn will worship the corn; and the sun and water that nourishes them. My culture is not superior — though it is to me. I am white, and that makes me biologically advantaged by white systems; be them governance, economics or shire principle. The seams of this fabricated reality are beginning to impart — the accompanying disclaimer under every “false fact”, Derek Chauvin and Kyle Rittenhouse’s aberratious court verdicts, and Fauci’s lack thereof. The hubristic rulers have shown too much of their hands and are now in full damage control mode. “White trash” isn’t a nice phrase — but for that matter, neither is “nigger”. What makes someone white trash? Poverty. Moral consistency is difficult when you are living paycheck to paycheck. You can’t attend Sunday Mass if you HAVE to work. It is always novelous, in the most disorienting and distasteful, to see street preachers and homeless meth addicts mere yards away from each other in downtown Athens. It is hard to guide a linear thinker or a natural slave, when they are trying to escape their reality rather than correct it. White women that listen to rap music… some people are reaching for rock bottom. There is a “coolness” to being white trash — play the card of a victimized child. “Boohoo! listen to this story of how I was abused by my father, or how I worked to buy my first car, or how they had dial-up internet through 2012”. I get it; it is a rag to riches story. The story of the classical hero overcoming an incredible obstacle — but this wasn’t you. 90% of these stories are a complete mistelling; a story they tell themselves. Everyone wants a narrative for their life; something to explain to yourself when you are wage slaving or contemplating. Alternatively instead of making up a story, they convince themselves to go to rags and begin it. I would be so scared to have a daughter. No amount of parental distillation can stop a marxist programmed female from whoring around college. “Eeew stop liking what I don’t like” shut up. This is a poor strawman, but the “just let people be happy” argument is a sad liberal lie. Slippery slope is real. It certainly doesn’t help when internet fedora-wearing atheists and pedophiles are always trying to make that slope steeper. “The AOC should be lowered” why so you can fuck kids? The questioning of a social norm should not be a platform held by someone you wouldn’t take your eyes off at the BBQ around your kids. “Have you even read blah, blah, blah or blah, blah?” how about you read Les Misérables you daft retard. You are a sorority girl; why do you think that you know more than your parents? All respect for authority has vanished. JFK could come back from the dead today and become president, and people would still be chanting “fuck JFK” at every ballgame or college bar. The desire to become countercultural has gotten out of hand. Speak when you are spoken too, and take your elbows off the table — you are a thirty-something single mother eating cereal for dinner.