You are so “intelligent” and “enlightened” that you refuse to draw conclusions. “Correlation does not equal causation” — your go-to. I don’t have some magical unattainable evidence. My evidence isn’t better than yours. We’ve read the same articles, heard the same debates and arguments, even seen the stats; so what are you missing? A chromosome. Critical thinking, deductive reasoning, and a dick — that is what you are missing. Simplistic enlightenment-age arguments for “happiness good, death bad” are all you understand. What you’re missing is the essentialist view. Men and women exist as part of a system. Systems exist to maintain order, and order is needed for much more than society and governance. The conditions needed for the cosmic fog of helium and hydrogen to create us and our carbon needs order. The homogeneity of the American-Southeast’s insect ecosystem has been destroyed by Chinese invasive mosquito populations. Great schisms, tectonic plates, the orbits of celestial bodies; these systems exist in beautiful symmetry, yet are preceded by a few mathematical and statistical calculations. We know how to calculate for any number of things, but for some reason applying that some logical intuition to sociology is looked down upon. Well it makes a certain amount of sense — people have their rights, and it is bad to tinker with those rights and lives for the benefit of science. But there is the problem. We are more than happy to abridge those rights in the name of “social liberalism”. “Samuel — pardon me, Samantha; we would be more than happy to cut your dick off”. Imagine playing this same game with the planets and stars — shooting nukes off to Mercury to please a terribly-idiotic king. The balance and social dichotomy of man and woman, one that extends well past just our own sociology, destroyed to please the iconoclast of pedophiles, sexual deviants, and communists hiding their ideals behind a veil of dubstep and pseudo-intellectual postmodernist jargon. Not that they are really getting their way, just feeding from the Zionist-owned trough. The never-ending blight to destroy our world. Now we see them paraded in our movies and media, but most socially damning our pornography — the covet of which is already the mark of the beast; a kaleidoscope of evil. Brains continue to smoothen for the immediate pleasures of our Dan Schneider’s, Kevin Spacey’s, and Jeffrey Epstein’s — and the needs of the Rothschild’s and Soros’s. Just imagining Bill Clinton asking one of his new shipping container sex-slave if he’s ever seen a grown man naked. But no, continue fighting for the kikes because they certainly have your best interests in mind. The invading army of Zion is at our door and for some reason they are wearing hijabs and niqābs.