A house divided cannot stand; a house divided must be torn down. When maggots begin to feast on the carcass of a corpse and the presence of death looms over like the animated, flying scents of a cartoon pie, reality sets in fast. What was once there is now departed, moved on, abandoned. The body of the West has been embalmed. It is in a vacuum chamber and put on display. You don’t smell it, and when its eyes cross your’s; you may even feel that there is something still there. You project your feelings and beliefs on its glass eyes and only see your reflection. “Who are we?” Is this presence God? You are the center of the universe – it extends from you in all directions. You mold it – not vice versa! You are the power of change; a great marble slab and its sculptor. Your changing light upon the world is easy and visible. Its importance has been falsified. Everything that matters in this life will cost your blood – your soul. The sculptor must break himself piece by agonizing piece. True freedom is freedom over one’s self – to be beauty, not beautiful.

“Why does dimorphism matter?” I have established the importance of diversity, of evolutions – but what is wrong with the civic approach? Our insistence on egalitarianism does more harm than good. I don’t care for arguments surrounding education, critical race theory, etc; there is no West without Western people. “Uhh but the white trash hillbillies are more insufferable than upstanding black people!” Being’s ability to know one’s self is of the utmost importance in reaching Christ Consciousness at our stage of spiritual evolution. This knowledge was grasped long ago, but by believing that surrounding ourselves with brown laborers to do the unaesthetic jobs and Asian mail order brides won’t degrade our minds; we’ve doomed ourselves. We’ve regressed by proximity. A dog that picks litter out of your yard isn’t noble – it is a dog playing with trash. The noblest of blacks are still ape men that can’t think to save their own lives. The most they can think about is breeding, and intentionally or not making us a minority.

There is no such thing as an “emotional decision”. Emotions are a tool – one for communication and love; survival and nurture. An emotional decision is impulsivity, and impulsivity is sin. This does not mean that we all must be hyperrational at all times. Certainly our instinct is brought into great use when fending against predators, hunger and cold; but in a modern world of supercomputers and the basic industrialistic hyperconstructiviness, it serves us little use in our day-to-day. What goes beyond instinct and beyond rationality is just that – beyond. It is the Christ Consciousness. It is greater knowing and understanding. It is faith in God and faith in yourself. You can’t trust anyone in this life; you have to bet on yourself. We train our synapses in every social interaction to be polite and mannered. It is not nature; it is second nature. Much like the stoic idea of the sculptor and the slab being one in the same, we see an image to strive to. We break ourselves into our ideals. If sin drives us away from God, we must crucify ourselves back into his image. Nothing worth living for comes without hardship or bloodshed, and the same is true for yourself. Don’t waste your sweat trying to surpass others – surpass yourself. Be the ubermensch, the protector, the father, the leader, the philosopher – the beauty.