Society, the world, the way we conduct ourselves – these things take rules. But do we bend to those around us or do they bend to us? Well that is a matter of power and position. Naturally, we will choose to join the winning team or play the underdog. The major difference between progressivism and traditionalism is answering this question. Liberalism and progressivism preaches inclusivity. I remember distinctly and precisely the first time I meet a nonbinary. Upon “misgendering” this obvious male, I was corrected. I felt bad, a pain in my stomach. I was a non-confrontational type. In the same way one may try to make their waiter’s life and job easier by choosing something simple to order or not correcting their mistakes, I would never go out of my way to misgender someone. This has nothing to do with philosophy, only pure convenience. “Okay, okay. You identify as a they/them? Whatever.” Liberalism is about abridging yourself for the convenience of others. Soon, if I followed that mindset, I’d find myself backstepping and apologizing for saying something anti-pedophile. Traditionalism is the art of etiquette. There are defined and definitive rules to conducting one’s self. The two don’t sound so different, but they have their nuances. One’s rules are concrete; the other’s are malleable. Conservatism is about abridging yourself as to follow what is normal – because normal does exist. The non-confrontational type finds himself in a strange middle ground. They would never pressure someone into acting a certain way, while allowing it to happen to themselves. They would either stay cis or bend and fold when misgendered. Is there an objective right answer? Probably not, but the house built on the rock will stand longer than the one built on the sand. There are lots of ways for a society to evolve, but the constant push for cultural and ethical amendments makes the slippery slope evermore substantial. Another way their mindset differs is how we deal with our excess. Do we care for our own first, or the less fortunate? This often gets galvanized into an argument for interventionism. For me it comes down to darwinism. Let the brown people starve. Rhodesia will not be the final resting place of the Aryan man. You can’t force people to be civilized – sophisticated. We can’t force them to evolve, because they are still monkeys throwing shit.