Degeneracy is born from passionate men without passion. Every man has love and will in his life, but without guidance it WILL go awry (idk if spelt right; drumk). He, who is Sodom’s child, is born without identity. He knows not what he is – nor his father or father’s father. He knows only what he has been taught. It is all Zionist education in a Zionist state ruled by Zionists full of Zionist media, propaganda, artists, and crisis actors. They don’t know their birth land. They don’t know who Mother is. They live lives as complete individuals, secluded from their paternal autocrat. Their minds, fueled by objectivism and atheism, only see matter. “I never believed in Santa Claus, much as I never believed in God”. Was this a ruse too (like really fucking drumk)? Did the Zionist, the Satanists – whomever are the Cabal of the Inverted Tree of Life, breed this falsehood into life to kill our faith? I am not one to say. Our differences, quirks, oddities, and cultural individualism are birthed from the land. The land is our home; it is where we build families and communities. Our Gods rule over the lands – are defined by the lands. Our food is grown from the lands and fed off the lands. It is a beautiful circle and a positive feedback loop. We are made authentic by the land – our land. Traditional life, traditional people and traditionalism are all the apparent product of this. We are rooted into the soil, for it is where we come when we are born and return when we die. Those without homes are parasites. They tear out our roots – deracinate us. All man’s genius is derived from God, and God gives it to us through the land, the sun, and sea. Being’s ability to know one’s self is in the reflection of an overgrowth, the sparkling eyes of their family’s authenticity, in every shadow cascaded by the black sun. The Jew is detached, distant from any authenticity and sovereignty. They have no soil – instead, they are nomads. The Israelis have soil. They have established their secular society, and are happy. No, the enemy is the real Jew. The real Jew is a wanderer. He can’t hammer a nail or plow a field. All he knows is the fake labor of market manipulation and usury. He sucks the life of the people and sells them a cosmopolitan culture of degeneracy and savagery. Look at all of the “greatest” Jewish minds of the last millennium. Marx, Freud, Einstein – what have they given us? Communism, infantile sexual deviancy, and the atom bomb. Just in the last one hundred years, everything that was once known to be order, right, moral, etc; it is all gone. The greatest trick was getting people to never notice or better yet, to never know anything was any different. The role of the parent and family have been washed away and replaced by the opportunist. We are now in an age of total class warfare, irrational depraved urges, relativity – a world where now the very existence of matter is in question. Why? Because it is the very nature of the Jew to pull at the very fabric of life until there is nothing left but a thread. [The Jew, much like his friend Lucifer, is more than Satan, he is a “fellow-feeling.” It’s a parent/child relationship and he feels for people – in the same way they can understand, believe, and even feel for themselves. This is his “supernatural” talent.] FREEDOM OF SPEECH. How do you feel about that, you may ask? Not really sure how I feel about it. Actually, what I am “not” sure about is whether it’s worthwhile to discuss this and go down this rabbit hole. This guy sounds like some “unspeakable” war criminal living in an exclusive zip code (Super ZIP, read more charles murray). Who knows, maybe it’s some no good dickwagon that’s trying to capitalize on the fear-mongering brought on by our Boston Bombings, Oklahoma Cities and Agrarian King Kaczynski's. I don’t know, but I don’t plan on finding out the answers to these questions. Either way, Free speech is crap. “Rawr!” I really don’t know what it means, but it is quite catchy. "We can’t return to normal, because normal was the crisis." What a load of crap?!