“Why are you so full of hate? Your ideas are fanatical and evil.” I don’t know how you aren’t. Every little thing in today’s backwardass world inspires pure, visceral hatred – pregnant women can be Command Sergeant Majors and lead troop movements, we have a troon four-star admiral Assistant Fucking Secretary for Health, Sleepy Joe shitting his pants at the Vatican. Point being, degeneracy is to be expected from any industrialized society with urban culture, but it is on another level when your government is perpetuating it as well. And you wonder why I hate – why I would romanticize ANYTHING other than the world we live in now? Objectivism doesn’t solve the problem – individuals do, someone that truly embodies great man theory. We live in a world full of rats and snakes, men that deracinate us, why not let God choose our leader? Dreaming of a time of Kaisers and Tsar, when it meant something to be “God’s Country” — a “Holy Empire”. One strong man willing to help the people, whether they realized it or not – wanted it or not. Only an individual could take a lone stand against blatant hypocrisy. People egged on Romney for wanting the president to have sv cheats 1 /kill power and in our current bureaucratic mess, I understand the fear. But I envision a world where the bad people disappeared, where all the evil creeps of the night faded from our minds. There would be outrage and chaos, but anything is better than this shit – we live guided by a smorgasbord of greed, torture, slavery, depravity, violence, death, mutilation and tyranny. It seems impossible, but I’d rather put my faith and God and a sole man then any of Satan’s board of directors.