Women and politics are never mix no matter what side they take. They’re incapable of having loyalty to abstract concepts — in the end, all you have are attention whores who corner a specific market, ie ideology. None of it is genuine, and dudes just fall for it, not realizing they’re being played. Women will serve to fill any niche. It is a split second decision. With the average woman’s warped pleasure-reward greymatter turned to soot. No worse for ware, they casually torture men and dress like Anne Frank sexdolls. “What’s the big deal with getting pricked by a thorn when seconds later I’m handed thousands of dollars?” When it comes to pornographic markets – honestly, even beyond that; women can advertise themselves beyond the status of sex symbol, a new virtual surrogate mother, girlfriend, wife; leading incels, normies – all of the genetically inferior men, to a life of pay pigging. Even if they aren’t rich or have no money whatsoever, they pay with their time – Their lifeforce. This card can be played and warped any which way; into streaming, vlogging, elevating themselves to “influencer” tier. Again, it doesn’t matter what the niche is – could be ex-alcoholics, pedophiles, Neo-Nazis (just about anything, ie. most women that “watch” anime to do all the silly cosplays); gamers and incels are the most obvious go-to, but the fear of stalking in most prevalent in those circles. “Tehe I am so quirky, check out my Dylann Roof cosplay LULZ.” These women are deranged. When Ethan Crumbley starts quoting Oppenheimer, it is because he is seriously, mentally damaged and planning on killing lots of people. When the quiet kid does the same thing, it is because he wishes he could do the same – Or he’s just being edgy. When @polytheisticBPDgf, @esotericeliza, and @mkultrafemcel does; it is quickly followed by an OF plug or a youtube link – when it isn’t, it is either a fed or individually-run honeypot. In the latter case, be prepared to either get SWAT’d or be politely asked to come into your local police station on “your own accord.” There is a reason why these are so successful – a new generation that never read the TOS to being a male internet user. The internet was made by men for men, and sadly the days of “Tits or GTFO” are over. Now, twerps run wild in a world of e-dating, free porn, and an endless stream of youtube dopamine. Believe me, any 100% rational woman would do these things. It is the fastest way to retirement in current year. These women in sub-cuties, the bimbos, the basement-dwellers have developed into an actual threat. These women will dox you. This isn’t the laborer’s paradise of the left – this is a patreon-only economy advocated by objectivism, libertarian freakshows. Hard Work means shit when you can grab a man by his testicles while picking through his wallet. Women further affirm their parasitic nature. Don’t interact with women online, don’t watch pornography, don’t spend your money at female-owned businesses, don’t reveal any weakness to women, don’t stop fighting.