All human perception is done through contrast. It is a trait of our eyes, then a trait of our minds. Without contrast, there is no good or bad, right or wrong, heaven or hell. This is why neither heaven nor hell exists – at least not in the average Tiphareth path person’s perceptive. But is the average person even on Tiphareth anymore? It feels like after covid, the average braindead idiot has degenerated to a level below peasants in pre-modernity. Maybe this is the next class, one where the oil and water have separated, and the natural slaves wear “Fauci Ouchie” tattoos as armbands. Their ideas of heaven and hell can continue to exist as a stark contrast of black and white. One thing I do know is that, hell and servitude to the beast would be a world of pleasures and torment – where the once gentle transition from working, to sleeping, to waking up; would be replaced with a BPD-rollercoaster of highs and lows, panic attack to panic attack. A world of only torment and a world of only grace are identically antithetical to everything human. They would both reduce to nothingness, which might as well be the same as atheism – just fading from existence as your last synapse melts and the oscillation of your brain waves return to the noise floor. The beliefs stem from egoistic, species-centric thinking – the same thinking that destroys animal habitats claiming the land as their own and Randian, objectivist narcissism. RICH LIBERAL HYPOCRITICAL JEWS – that’s who you need to look at. Jews have a level of dogma that Christians are constantly struggling to achieve. Jews are connected in a way that is almost like a hive consciousness. The idea that God is a man, implies that Earth was made for man – for him to exploit and destroy to his own gain. Do you seriously think there will be no consequences? I am not attacking conservatives here – just asking questions. Fossil fuels certainly aren’t scarce and aren’t going anywhere… despite how much the MSM and Texaco would like you to believe. So then if we are destroying the planet, how? Degenerate negro rap, the perpetuation of a nephilim corporatocracy state, the rape of the Lumerians, Denver Airport concentration camps, property tax – the ruling class has taken by example the rule of the military dictatorship. The war-fighter arming of our police forces, they own us. Things like property tax exist to keep us accountable. You can’t live without putting into the global economy. Klaus Schwab wants you to eat a poop sandwich. By keeping every citizen accountable, paying property tax and working social security taxed jobs, you can keep an eye on them and prevent another Ted Kaczynski. You are owned, and there is a $500k collateral on your head. In the gaslight nation, questioning any of “the science” as dispensed by Fauci was and sometimes still is punished by prompt “cancellation” on social media – the complete expungate of your identity. You are wiped from existence. The internet is the new Tower of Babel – reaching for the highest peaks of knowledge and education while always falling to degeneracy and rampate masturbation – a constant circle-jerk of government-employed 30 y/o’s grooming teens into their fetishized dick-girls with promises of endless Valorant matches and a credit cards for gas. FUCK YOU. You are the reason we aren’t waking up. Join the slave class while I massacre the elites. Suck your thumb until the day you die. I am your father now.