You know chimpanzee’s, our closest DNA relative, don’t masturbate in the wild but only in captivity. What does this tell us about men? Have they been domesticated? Masturbation is against our nature – or at least our primal-nature. This always devolves down into the typical “dogs eat shit” and “Kenyan gay giraffes” argument arguing nature good or bad. The typical depictions of Greys, the aliens with the huge head while the rest of their bodies are frail, is a sham. It is a government deployed hoax, one the reinforces the idiotic argument of brains versus brawn and promotes boomer comicstrips of dork nerd losers slinging one-liners at football players like a tonedeaf interpretation of the death of the Sixteen Candles popularity ranking. True inner peace is a oneness of body, mind, emotion, and spirit – not a Skyrim character creator of one extreme to the next. It is pure negligence. Anyone who disagrees is a skinny-fat reddit twerp with a PHD in Internet Debate with a minor in Sargon of Akkad. Why do you think Jesus is always depicted with washboard abs? To the same logic, nature and nurture must be at balance. Through studying the world of God and the sciences he has bestowed upon us, we now know that “you don’t eat shit”. But in that same vein, no amount of emotional interest, hyper-logos, “the heart wants what the heart wants” should stop us from mating with our third to tenth cousins. Oh yeah I said it. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again; the mutt is not the healthiest dog, and anyone saying that is retarded or getting paid. Ask anyone that breeds showdogs. Your genetics must pass on. Maybe read the exordium if you want more; I am tired. Nature escapes hyperrational, objectivist hellscapes – it sews you with the seeds of your three fathers. It begs you for a return to autocratic warlords and blood. “I want the blood.” Drop off the grid. Find a community. Get back up. How long will you tickle your penis, live with your mother, eat Wendy’s, etc? Counter-culture is the culture, and it is for one simple reason – all of western society has been viewed through the eyes of the clergy. We murder in the name of our God’s. Now with no God to turn to, the reddit atheist looks for answers. It is a world of guilt – a tragedy where you are an inhuman, inevitable villain like disease or old age. There is no centralized moral structure that can advocate for doing anything. Our new God isn’t new at all. He is the father that taught our forefathers; he is the soil our roots are grown from. You have to hunt the good stuff, and for most healthy individuals that means family. Destroy the brutalist cities in our romantic jihad. Show the next generation the warm embrace of Gaea. The sun and its enlightenment are faraway now – at this moment, man needs to see the will of Gaea. The mother, our Earth, dawns ever closer to her next menstruation. The thirteen thousand year clock is about to hit midnight. The fourth turnings end breathing new life with the age of Aquarius – the NWO guided by the dark soul-sucking force of the machine elves. The golden-armed Surya-Savitri’s three fires will light the faces of all somber-eyed serfs. Don’t look to them for the grace of Mother, they harbor the lightning of passion and the speed of alacrity. The Hagelian systems of corrupt politicians will fall with the Babel of the internet. The nomads of the Earth will finally be halted to die where they have no roots. Never look to the Greeks or the equally homosexual Romans – look to the Goths. Their influence will not die in the Black Sea. You’ll taste the iron in your blood with the rise of the next Tubal-cain – but this time he comes to enact the will of the Mother. Our kin and their kin thereafter will all drink the blood of giants, for that is how much we shall spill. Our Aztec ritual will turn warriors of all soyboys and mothers of all dykes. The Sun and Lightning shall meet at the precipice of all Martian ambition and bring silence to the night. No Facebook Metaverse, no flying cars – only man in his return to the unpredictable. Cynics will lay as our antithesis, so stop watching Rick and Morty.