“How do we stop the One World digital currency controlled via social credit economy we are heading toward?”

There are answers people are open to and like, and there are real answers that achieve real goals. The go-to is always “protect your family, connect with your community, don’t bend the knee for totalitarianism” — but the truth is, this only delays the inevitable. Much like current conservatives, most of our values would be considered completely socially liberal 30 to 40 years ago — and all we do is slow that ever changing horizon. You can try to protect your children and the next generation by placing them in private school and distancing them from the internet, but all it takes is one little pocket — one small unforeseeable crack to form, and all of the Zionist cultural Marxism will come through like a landslide. The only true way to remove the demonic from our country is to do just that, remove them forcefully. No democracy will ever solve that. Only the feudal autocrat can lead the natural slaves and the linear thinkers away from the forbidden fruit of class consciousness. I’m not advocating for Neo-feudal land wars — land being our birthright and dream as Americans, but rather a push towards a “Father Knows Best” society. Who are you to question your lineage, to question countless decades of thought? Same could be said of a child arguing with their father. A coup is the only real solution at this point. If this dream is yours as it is mine, then it will be a great Scythian revival. To do work and see your construction before your eyes. Industrialized society is over complicated and hyper rational — to hell with rationalism. If a man just wants to live, he shouldn’t have to look for the context to do so. So will you default,? Will you wait and see, slow societal demise where it is in front of you? Or will you fight — feed the next generation with crop fertilized with the blood of oligarchs and nihilists?