In diagnosing what is wrong with people in this country – what is wrong with young men, simply ask. They don’t like paying $100 at the gas pump because your nation would rather fund proxy wars for pig nations led by puppeted kikes. Russia is demonized for maintaining traditional beliefs while Ukraine is a country all about feminism, legalization of pot, and homosexuality. “Why are you unhappy?” For most men, it is that they can’t court a woman – a society where bodies have been turned into commodities on tinder and okcupid. They can’t get laid – their bloodline ends with them. In serfdom, you’d work 20 hours a week and be a father by 15. The world is confusing. It is a technophile wet-dream where a baker’s dozen or two of unelected entities pass “regulation” after “regulation” without any sort of newsletter. WHAT I KNOW, IS WHAT IS RIGHT! Nothing makes sense in a world ruled by invisible, unknowable, untouchable autocrats. What makes sense is a world ruled by Dad. A single household, a single community, county, state, country whose actions and beliefs are dictated by the sole proprietor of God’s Will. “Oh that doesn’t make sense to you? How does ‘don’t have eight sexual partners sound?’” Many men – and by many I mean 40-60%, understand that they are a deadend. There is nothing for them but rampant consumerism and memes. What does such a system beg for? What does GOD – THE NATURAL ORDER beg for?! We shall return to monke! Hollywood has tapped into something dark and mystic. The collective consciousness of man has stumbled onto a few objective facts – the woman you love is a whore. She is the village whore – a Bianca Devins wearing the sheep’s clothes of nublity and hymeneal distractions. She is a prototypical woman, willing to serve any niche in hopes of finding instant gratification and genetically superior men. The female collective consciousness has regressed to a state before antiquity. Freedom to the average woman is a pinky ring with the power of a goddess – uttering the phrase “toxic masculinity” like a catch all for public stoning. The empowerment of women isn’t the downfall of modern man though; rather man’s abandonment of a romantic world. Hyperrational Randians and skeptics and atheists might all be at each other’s throats, but it just further reinforces the “truth” of objectivism. To (80% of) men, a ‘one-night stand’ is never just that. Love making is just that – we sow our seeds into the field praying for a harvest. It is subconscious, and it is physical. When a woman refuses to say “I love you” back – you can feel a hundred generations of inbreeding 3rd cousins pounding at the walls of existence. We feel this in the loop of original sin; we are trapped in an impressionistic world; and trying to sort it out rationally, only reverts us to the funkopop collecting soyboys Justin Trudeau wants us to be. The existential hero would rather commit a murder-suicide, than see the woman he loves fall for the sin of the 20. You’ve seen section 8 housing in some of the most expensive locations in this country. You deny your anger so as not to be austosized as “racist”, but it isn’t racist. It is RETARDATION. WHO DO YOU GO TO, TO FILES SUCH A GRIEVANCE? THE They are happy to feed you any lie, sell you any product, gamble away your life savings at the behest of the value of the dollar; because Y O U A R E N O T H I N G ! Get fucking angry. I can’t advocate for violence on this platform, but IS THERE ANY OTHER SOLUTION? For the thousandth time, no voting is not an answer. I will be [redacted] involving 9/11. As much as they try to micromanage society into sterile swine, they are terrible [redacted]. The truth about 9/11 is this country’s best chance for a new start – the decapitation of every lobbiest, dual-citizenship congressman, the entire CIA, etc. Feel your father’s blood. It wants you to get fucking laid, and every double-dealing kike is stopping your from pharohdom.