Are there nondegen women still out there? Anon-to-anon, the desperate search for a woman unpolluted by the microchemism of cultural marxism, almost seems more degen – like, there is this archetypal wojak tradgirl in a wheatfield waiting for me. Maybe you may see one out in the wild but the reality is she is a poseur – it is a facade. She is a trender, nothing more than a soulless TikToker “rocking the niche traditionalist aesthetic”. She will turn through mom’s old photo album looking for thrifting inspiration, one week; then teary-eyed scrolling #louisvuitton, she will be daydreaming one of eight Fifty Shades of Gray-esque wishfullfilment/rape fantasies beamed down from Saturn, the next. Scratch everything I just said – if you see this woman now, she’s likely doing the same Handmaid’s Tale cosplay virtue-signal that all judeo/globohomo poisoned women are. “Oh no buddy. That’s not a cornfield-girl; that’s a cornsyrup-girl.” I need to find a frozen proto-germanic girl in the hyperborean icecaps. “Come on man! She’s wearing a headscarf and looks so natural!” Hope is beautiful and faint – it casts a short, graceful light then leaves you again in the darkness. How many times will you be left alone in the dark? When is enough enough? Your Amazon shopping cart of gadgets can’t tide off lonesomeness forever. What will be left of Americana when all the daughters of the West are anchored by the algorithms of a Chinese attention deficit psyop? I keep my candle of hope lit. God forbid what I do when its out for good.

Edit Reddiit: We are part of a worldwide, inter-planetary ad campaign for the United Nation of Satan, alongside pajama-clad internet Marxists and Anarchists. When we debate at ends to this and that, of validity and virtue, authenticity or blunderous defect; what history and men herald is ethos. No different than the pattern of tall presidents – the masses listen to the manly man. In 80/20 headcanon, the 80% of destitute, huskless men find equally evolutionarily deadended women. They become a minority regardless because of their lack of utorises, but also a political minority. As an intermediary means of survival, we have the advent of the soycuck. He came in like a rosemary bush before a plague; smelling of pollen. It is the only viable alternative for his very role: being a spoilt child to his hyperpatriarchal grandfather. This “Big Bang” sentimentality, with regard to the phenomenology of extensive intrinsic impulsivity, is being properly fetishised and rewarded. You can see the US military’s allocation of disproportionate brainpower to retraining military personnel to function as zombies — the guppification. Now, thanks to Funkopop collecting, that capacity will be redirected towards psychopathological consumption of various material products of unknowable quality and value. They will bear the wax-like skins of prized males, never able to attract to a single Instagram alledged “trad waifu”. All you need to do is to gaze into the colorless eyes; the destitute eyes of the ventriloquist mail-order-bride Ukrainian counterfeit cam-whore. If you can stop loving, what other goal is worth considering? These girls have killed our stock. These girls have ruined our world by infecting it with a life-destroying (((mercantilism))) that came straight from the pit of hell.