Don’t take any of what I say as advocacy for closet conservativism. Perhaps a new mythology would help to build a post-dystopian modern world — one that returns to deifying Hitler’s instead of the virtue of your insufferable puritanical iron-willed stupidity. Some sort of supra-human consciousness, where the last vestiges of bipartisanship and common sense are bound by flesh and blood. A new form of supreme patriarchy, where your God, aka, me, has absolute dominion, and when I say ‘supreme’, we mean ‘divine’. Every waking moment, now, is consumed with suffering. How can we embrace the dragon that is the human condition and prosper? Prosperity isn’t in the eternal swine carnival. No more blatant soul-demolishing bullshit – at least not this weekend. Why not seek the quiet grace of ancient tribal paradise? The taboos of religion need to be shed. I have met so many people, too many have come to believe that liberals are their enemy, simply because the two do not agree on my beliefs. All is forgiven. I have enjoyed debauchery, lust, jealousy, envy, they are human emotions after all. There is nothing wrong with emotions. It is only when they are rationalized by the “I love everyone”-left, that it spirals into a linear beam focused on child molestation. We’ve mythologized the idea of freedom in the minds of the youth with “I have a dream” speeches and the falling of the Berlin Wall. It turns out that the most evil, self-righteous, blight — that permeates like an analgesian aerosol, was democracy. It strips you of the capacity to see through the fog of delusion. It is the embrace of the Great Retard — a human mutt amalgam of socially destitute outcasts from the absolute depths of wickedness. They don’t know what love is, they don’t know what liberty is, they don’t know what suffering is. These are all fluorescent ideas they’ve only seen expressed through seasonal anime. Entire families, of primarily women, sucking at the tit of the rabid wolf. He serves only the lowest common denominator, and nourishes them with anti-anxiety pills. They grow an all-night-cannibalistic hunger for the destruction of pre-established norms. Their heartless exuberance at the sight of Mr. Mailman dropping off the monthly tug-boat — like a vulture agitated and impatient waiting for the lion to finish his deserved supper. My speech may sound niggling, but did you earn your meal either?