What do you find keeps you in this world – tethered here with the rest of us? Consumerism, infantile notions of justice, wealth or your neverending chase of it, family, addiction, love? All are just distractions in a world whose main export is sin. Your over inflated, shortsighted ego is your only motivator – driving you to strive for “success” and “recognition”, to “prove yourself to the world”. You are a petty insect in this material world, no different from anyone else. All you and the world really care about is your own material gain and the satisfaction of everyone of your second-to-second base and heretical impulses. You cling to your possessions, your status, your power, desperate to feel important in a world that values only those who can contribute to the relentless cycle of production, productivity and consumption. Never a second to rest or breath; or die and rot in elder care facilities, “mental health centers”, or section 8 housing on MLK Jr Boulevard. You tell yourself that “I am different”, that you are more enlightened than the rest; as if you hold the candle to see through the fog of delusion – the shadows cast by modernity. But in truth, you are just as trapped as the rest, caught in the web of plutocratic jewaucracy that surrounds us all – a running hamster on a wheel. You try to escape through drugs, through sex, through any means necessary – but in the end, you always find yourself back where you started. Alone and dreaming of other places, other worlds, alternate dimensions and time travel fairy tales. You know that there is something more, something greater beyond the narrow confines of human existence, but you cannot seem to grasp the thought and hold it for more than a second. Your self-constructed reality of distractions calls you back like the hylic you are. And so you continue on chasing after the hollow promises of past generations, filling societal roles that may as well have been stamped on your birth certificate over your name – always playing your little part in the play that is the fall of Rome. The world becomes a black hole collapsing onto itself by the weight of its own sin and corruption. The world is ending and you have been left behind. I hate you. I hate all of you. You have the mental capacity of a blind cave beetle. You might as well be blind for all you see are your own illusionary symbols. Continue to cling to your petty delusions, thinking that you are somehow special, that your life has meaning in a world that cares nothing for you. The truth I have seen in the darkness that lies in the hearts of all men is the same endless void that awaits you when you inevitably die alone. I pity you. Well, let me tell you something, you fools. There is nothing. There is no purpose, no meaning, no hope for your salvation. You were born to live and die and nothing else. Your souls will be consumed by your own endless hunger. So go ahead, keep chasing after your degenerate dreams; but know that in the end, it will all be for nothing. You will die alone, unloved, unforgiven, and forgotten, just another meaningless blip in the endless cycle of birth and death.