The White Lives Matter movement starts now! Lol jk – that is the same role reversal bullshit that the pseudo-conservatives are always spouting. “Trust the science” now that the data supports them, “the dems are the real racists” – Mgtow is literally the same as the feminist “kill all men” rhetoric with the words switched around a little. They don’t work with nuance for the same reason that their platforms are just diluted liberal ones; meanwhile, I cry reading The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich. What, truly, is there left to write? Will the world suddenly change because of another paragraph from me? You see this all as an entertaining adventure. “Oh what is our narrator gonna write next?” This is nothing more than another source of media to consume with your brain, still addled by the latest episode of Stranger Things. Is there some combination of symbolism and encouragement strong enough to reverberate through this screen to awaken another you? Inside you is a full ensemble waiting for the conductor to raise his arms. The notes we compose in our hearts are a symphony — and yet, you sit in silence. Your soul is lost, and you cannot find it without a helpful light — I say in a high pitch voice with a slow rhythm. NO! You see another day without Abigail Sharipo, in bed next to you, as a day wasted. Spirituality to you is a bad shroom trip. Two words; liberal, propaganda, government, agents, mk, ultra. I’m not even going to acknowledge that it was more than two words – in fact, you aren’t even reading this. People don’t want to get angry about this anymore. I miss when God was angry. I am the voice in your head. You believe I exist because you allow me to. You don’t love me; you love the idea of me. Do you ever wonder if the universe is sentient enough to be grossed out by your personality? I am, and I am. What is cringe, is believing everything you are told by Ben Shapiro and Steven Crowder. You process their words like a chatbot. When a contradiction comes afoot, you wait for a patch and it gets redacted. Try to think outside the box. it seems childish because it is obscured by the haze of truth; a truth you once held as a child. When the world was simpler, held in its truest form; and the lies of years of traditional indoctrination and ill meant befogging of the mind. Don’t make me Hitler. You won’t like me when I’m Hitler. You want to reform the police state – but you don’t “reform” your bed in the morning.