70’s pseudo pop almost brings me to tears – the idea that freedom is this blooming idea; the world is filled with love. I wish it were true. The young girl or boy, in their underdog arch, living the time of their life as if highschool was some miraculous gift from God. A world where being hormonal was a blessing, not a curse. Maybe these are just the feelings of being young. It was a time where the women were transitioning from the husband supporting, loving, understanding housewives to the full blown whores of today. Men didn’t know it yet. Maybe that beauty is in their ignorance. How much I wish I could go back, it was a much simpler world for better or worse. Only the first inklings of the coming American totalitarian quasi-communist state had blossomed. Most of the women were still women – or waiting to be made women. It was a time where empowerment meant the right to vote and seeing that change before your eyes. Now, the only change we see is economic. Even when social change does happen, it is always negative. More child molestions normalized, more gender confusion, more dull-racism. It was a time where your stride didn’t need any will behind it. You’d make it with minimal effort and because of that, there was this transcendental peace in society. I just wish I could live like them. It was a time where you wouldn’t be slowed down. Because of today’s machine automation and an over-reliance on it, that is impossible. “But monopolies have always existed, pm” yeah but it is only recently that they have evolved to having the vast majority of the wealth. The Jew has perfected his art. The laughs and cheers of yesteryear are only echoes today – tomorrow they are the cries of your children as they are sold into an unimaginable expansion of wage-slavery. The real cry, the root of my suffering – the end of life is how this has stopped love. How is a man to love a woman when she works 40 hours a week? AND VICE VERSA! There is no shot. This entire system exists as some elaborate, ever changing conspiracy to grow the class divide. Whether or not anyone can verbalize this beyond rationality, Biden saying things about poors and blacks as if they are one and one is offensive to the populace not because there are rich blacks and poor whites, but rather because it lifts the veil on this poorly obscured ruse. All of the music today is about peach shaped asses and Obama transsexual trafficking because that is all our generation cares about, rather that is how we have been conditioned. It is nothing but sex and drugs for a social class dumbing and dumbing farther into NEETdom and welfare. The education system was built by corporatocracies for this reason and is continued by their social media. Be a big man (for you), be a lover, find some true love and understanding, and take back the controls. Crash the plane that is democracy into the homes of all the Tom Holland’s and the mixed race gems out there. I just want love.

James 5:2