Life imitates art, and all the art is absurdism.

The generation that eats the shoveled shlock of millennial blow-heart deadened losers sees the world only through such outlets. A written letter – words on paper, your heart and soul strung out across college rule has been downgraded to Hallmark cards and one sentence thoughts. Asking a father for his daughter’s hand in marriage? Laughable. Value and worth – more over merit, they mean nothing to the street-ware children, raised to never see a coffee bean. Love means nothing beyond emulating what you’ve seen on pornhub. Work doesn’t bring dignity. Soundcloud rapping with a guest verse from someone with a thousand more followers is all you see for your week. You need to set alarms to remember to do your laundry – and you never fold it. Romance is what you’ve seen in RomComs and anime. Strength and intelligence are “literally me”. The section 8 single mom is moved to tears when Tyrone texts her “I’ll have your daughter brought home by 2am”. Snorting cocaine off car keys is your cultural litmus test. Dad jokes, where the joke is that fathers are retarded out-of-touch clowns. The world has become an echo chamber of irony and nihilism. Everything is a rip-off of a rip-off of a rip-off. When it comes to body counts, a lot of people get upset saying it doesn’t matter blah blah blah who cares – the reality is that people can have any arbitrary reason they want when it comes to accepting or denying potential sexual partners. “Ha so you admit it pm, incels have no excuse” you say waving your finger in the air like you just don’t care. The difference is that one of these people is actively getting laid (just not married or whatever), and the other is struggling to find anything even relatively romantic in their life. Deny it all you like, sex is a form of romance. The sexual revolution has lied to you. Sex ultimately is an expression of love, and everyone deserves some of that 🙂 Redditors may accuse me of jumping from one idea to the next, and while there is likely some validity to that; it just makes me do it even more. Those that think similarly to me, i.e. most of the regular visitors, get it – BECAUSE IF THEY DIDNT THEYD EMAIL ME RIGHT?! No, no. You only email me with George Floyd memes. If that is our relationship, so be it as long as you are picking up some enlightenment along the way. I’ve been playing with AI a lot recently. I know it is evil but given that it hasn’t fully revealed itself to be Satan yet (ignore the demonic tattoo, that was a publicity stunt), I have plausible deniability. Today’s accompanying image was partially made with DALLE2 by the way. It makes sense to enjoy something evil, rather to say; if you aren’t participating in the evil, you aren’t the bad guy. It is the same argument I’d make against a statement like ACAB. So yes Gates still needs to be shot, but participating in the current dystopia requires most people to interact with evils. You can find a way to get by without? More power to you. Hopefully it won’t be long until those shackles are broken for good and the evil technology of the condom is outlawed. Remember not to stand in the shower too long, that kind of warmth will be earned when you are wed.